Please add file uploading button to the naming contest

I’m suggesting to SQUADHELP team to add file uploading button to the naming contest to enable the CREATIVE add files to the names they want to submit in the contest. I think this idea will also help to convince the CH to like and love the name they want to choose, and also make both the CREATIVE and the CH work very simple and easier because some the names we submit really needs more details or clarification
for easy and better understanding, therefore a files upload can be the best option.
Please I stand to be corrected because
I’m not perfect thanks :blush::pray:

I strongly disagree. The comment field is enough to convey your thoughts to the CH. Adding files may violate SH politics, as the creative may offer additional services, such as creating a logo for free. In addition, it will inflate the size of the resource. In short, I am personally against this idea.


Well I understand your point of view. But since is a suggestion let’s give the SQUADHELP team the benefit of the doubt to decide what is good for us all thanks for your contributions I real love this democratic atmosphere