Platinum Tier Pricing

I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else here went through the grind a couple of years back to earn that total pricing control perk in the Platinum tier. I remember putting in a lot of effort and not to mention, cash, to get there because that benefit was a huge deal for me.

Platinum Tier Benefits - Full Price Flexibility

Recently, I noticed that Squadhelp has pulled this feature from the Platinum benefits. Is it just me, or does this feel a bit off? I mean, we all invested quite a bit into securing this perk, and now it seems like it’s just been taken away.

I’m really hoping I’m not the only one feeling a bit thrown off by this change. I get that things need to evolve, but it’s kind of frustrating to see something you worked hard for just vanish.

Would love to hear if anyone else is in the same boat and what your thoughts are on this.

Seems to me 300% increase should suffice. If you’re that far apart in your estimation of price, the name likely shouldn’t be on the platform. Just delist those where you are that far off (or appeal their price estimate).

Hey NameGrove,

Thanks for your reply.

I agree, the 300% increase and the option to appeal prices do have their merits. However, I think it’s important to consider the broader context here. People like me invested a massive amount of time and money in the platform, relying on the promise of having more control over our pricing. This wasn’t just a minor perk; it was a key factor in our decision to dedicate resources and build our portfolios here.

Losing this benefit isn’t a minor adjustment for me—it represents a six-figure loss, conservatively speaking. Over the more than two years I had this benefit, it allowed me to quickly capitalize on market trends, significantly increasing my returns by selling names well above the current 300% increase limit. This flexibility was a major advantage.

The current appeal process for pricing can take months, and it’s often met with rejection. This is in stark contrast to when my pricing adjustments, under the previous policy, were approved within 1-2 days. The speed and reliability of those adjustments were invaluable in staying responsive to the market and maximizing opportunities.

In my experience, reversing commitments that were in place for years profoundly affects those of us who deeply invested in the platform based on those assurances.

Thanks again for offering your perspective.


I didn’t mean to suggest you’re wrong. I’d be pissed too. I’m just saying, it sounds like you should pull those names where you are that far apart. Did SH at least give notice of this change? Also I’d email Grant and tell him you want to pull/delist certain names without it “dinging” your rating due to this poor change

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@BrandLander There seems to be some misunderstanding here, so I would like to clarify. The screenshot in question is from 3 years ago and the page has not been updated since 2021. The 300% limit has been clearly stated on the benefits page since that time. It seems you reached out to us about this limit in 2021, and we provided an explanation for why it is in place. Our team has had multiple interactions with you on this topic since then.

As a curated Marketplace, maintaining pricing integrity is crucial for ensuring buyer trust. The 300% limit offers a wide range of pricing flexibility to Platinum sellers. However, if there is a justifiable reason to exceed this limit, please share those domains with us for consideration.

I would also like to mention that any misuse of this flexibility could lead to additional limitations, as pricing integrity is a key component of our curated marketplace.

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Thank you for the reply, Grant.

I appreciate the emphasis on pricing integrity and the need to maintain buyer trust in the marketplace.

Regarding the policy changes discussed in 2021 - yes, I had multiple interactions with the team over the years and was assured several times the flexibility hadn’t changed:


Despite these multiple assurances, many of my requests have been significantly delayed and denied, so it’s been confusing.

While I understand the importance of pricing integrity, I also believe in the integrity of honoring commitments made to platinum tier sellers. It would be helpful to understand if there’s a new approach or criteria for these special cases, as maintaining trust and consistency is key for both sides of the marketplace.

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The response that you shared is from May 2021 and is a bit out of context unfortunately. Several members of our support team have provided additional responses and clarifications on our position regarding pricing flexibility and policies since then.

Notwithstanding the additional responses and clarifications we have provided to you since 2021, the screenshot above also states that we will “likely” make the change, and goes on to say that if someone engages in misuse of the policy, we reserve the right to decline their request.

We have done our best to accomodate several of your price change requests beyond the 3X limit and have declined only those requests where we believe the requested pricing would result in a negative experience for our buyers. In those situations, you still have the option to set the domain to “Make Offer” or list the domain as Standard Listing with full pricing control.

As stated, ensuring the integrity of our marketplace is our top priority and we will continue to make updates to our platform to ensure a positive and trustworthy buying experience.


SH’s aim of upholding marketplace integrity for buyers is a noble goal, yet the impact of this policy change has translated into substantial losses for sellers like me, something that SH may not have fully anticipated.

From the seller’s perspective, total pricing control without restriction was a key value proposition that attracted many of us to invest massive amounts of time and money into attaining Platinum Tier. The ability to have these price changes approved rapidly, often within 1-2 days, was critical to stay competitive in a dynamic market.

The policy shifts resulting in much longer processing times (up to several months) for pricing approvals, combined with more frequent denials, has made it challenging for me to adapt.

To me, one of the big appeals underlying the original promise of total pricing control without restriction was the trust SH placed in accomplished sellers to value our names, based on our years of experience in the industry. It feels to me like that trust has been lost.

What I would respectfully request is a more balanced approach that provides Platinum sellers greater pricing flexibility and trust, with guardrails as needed. Perhaps an accelerated pricing adjustment process could be offered for upstanding Platinum accounts. This would honor the original commitments to top-performing sellers, while addressing concerns around pricing integrity.

Thanks for your willingness to discuss these concerns. Sharing perspectives from all stakeholders involved ultimately helps to forge a more successful marketplace.

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Let’s say SH says that a premium domain name is worth $3999.

If you have total price flexibility, you might change the price to $129,999.

This domain will likely not sell for $129,999.

Then SH will invest time and money to promote this domain and it will be hopeless to sell this domain for such a high price. You can’t expect SH to promote a domain at any price. The 300% flexibility is more than enough.

You can list a domain as a standard listing and set any price by the way. So in fact you have total control over the price, but only in the case of standard listings.

I understand that this was an old policy, but the policies might change over time. It is not feasible to promote domains at unrealistic price tags.

Hello @Bence_Ur,

Let me give you an example:

SH priced one of my names at $3799.

When I had this pricing flexibility, I sold the name for over $50k.

Under the current policy, the max I would have been able to sell the name for is $15199.

Just for this one name, then, I would have lost nearly $35,000 under the new policy.

Further, I was able to sell this name at a high price because I was able to change the price within a couple days.

If I had had to wait for several months like I often do now, the name would have sold at the lower price – because the name sold within two months.

Maybe you should try working your butt off for a year to earn a benefit like this, only to be told after you finally earn what you were promised that it’s “not feasible.” Not a good feeling.

SH gives reasonable prices. While it might be possible to sell that name for $50k, it is not very likely. You can’t expect SH to go bankrupt. It costs a lot of money to promote your domains. It isn’t worth promoting domains that likely won’t sell. If you have 100 such domains, yes you might sell one of them for that high price if you are lucky, but what about the other 99 domains? You can’t force SH to promote these domains at hopeless prices.

And there are other sellers, not just you. SH needs to promote all sellers and SH needs to make enough money at the same time.

I understand that this was an old policy, but then SH probably realized that it is not feasible. You can’t expect SH to lose money on your portfolio just because it was an old policy.

If you have a few special domains then try to contact them directly and ask them to change the prices just for these few domains.

It is not very realistic that you would sell all those $3799 domains for $50k. 2-3 domains maybe. Then why not tell them to raise the prices just of these 2-3 domains?

I’m also a platinum tier seller, I’m satisfied with the 300% flexibility, I very rarely change the price that much.

I think you are missing the point here so I will explain my concern one last time.

A promise was made for total pricing flexibility without restriction.

Many people like me worked many long, hard hours every day for many months to earn this benefit.

Even after the language was changed, SH assured me several times that they were not taking away the benefit.

When you work very hard for years to achieve something and you finally achieve it, in my view, that promise should be honored. The benefit represents a massive amount of time, money, and life hours that were dedicated to achieving the goal. And all of this effort and money that I and other Platinum Tier sellers invested to earn this benefit is now trashed.

To be clear: my experience with SH has been overwhelmingly positive. I am grateful for the marketplace and the results I’ve attained here. Their innovation is commendable and they get things right most of the time. I often express my appreciation for the marketplace. But on the rare occasion when I feel they miss the mark, I think it’s important to communicate that, too.

Thank you

I understand your frustration.

Did they promise that you will enjoy this benefit forever?

Total price flexibility is not that important, the SH-approved prices are very reasonable and you can change the prices by up to 300%.

You attaches too much importance to this total price flexibility. Changing the price from $3799 to $50k will hurt your STR and bottom line on average. I don’t recommend it.

You attaches too much importance to this total price flexibility. Changing the price from $3799 to $50k will hurt your STR and bottom line on average . I don’t recommend it.

Thanks for your advice, but my strategies are not the issue here.

Please stick to the topic.

@BrandLander I think providing a concrete example of how you made (and could have lost) 5 digit income is all that is needed to prove your point. Honestly, most companies grandfather in folks who earned the level you achieve and then close the door for anyone else.

It doesn’t cost much SH money and practically no time to promote names. I do PPC campaign management full time and trust me SH is squandering cash advertising to their creatives. They can throttle any domain they wish granularly, so SH is in control whether they know this or not.

At the end of the day SH made a bunch more money off the example you provided.

Since when has seeing a high priced domain “hurt” user experience?

I’d argue what hurts user experience is the fact that SH is littered with thousands of domains that are absolutely worthless. Thin the herd so user searches are not cluttered with so many weak domains.

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Thanks for your input, @amazemedia.

I agree that SH has benefited greatly from the expertise and inventory that Platinum Tier sellers contributed under the pricing benefit.

It’s worth noting that “ability to set any price without restrictions” wasn’t a short-lived promise that SH quickly changed its mind about. This was a key feature that SH advertised for a year. And even after the language changed, I was assured multiple times that I would still have the benefit. Many of us invested an incredible amount of time, effort, and financial resources into the platform, significantly contributing to the value and success of the marketplace, motivated by what we understood to be a long-term promise.

To see the pricing control benefit removed after such a commitment is disheartening, to say the least. It’s not only about the loss of the feature but about the impact on our trust in the platform. It certainly affects how I perceive the marketplace, knowing that rewards that we worked a long time to earn can be withdrawn at any moment.

The whole point in bringing this up, again, is in hopes of fostering a constructive dialogue. There is certainly a path forward that respects the contributions and expectations of committed sellers while maintaining the marketplace’s integrity and appeal.

Your idea about grandfathering in people who earned the benefit would be a great way to honor all the hard work done and financial commitments made.

Hopefully some other Platinum Tier sellers who earned this benefit will chime in as well.

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I actually hadn’t realized that there was a policy change. It’s true that the Platinum Tier was advertised as complete flexibility. Agreements made should naturally not be broken.

The fact that I hadn’t realized though tells me something. It’s not that important.

If there is explicit demand mounting and you are dissatisfied with the top pricing available, you can set the listing to make offer. Or delist it.

On the balance, and irrespective of the aims of Squadhelp to achieve marketplace integrity, not being able to set any price will in most cases be of more benefit to STR and portfolio pricing integrity.

I have perhaps 1% on make offer. When something happens that requires dramatic pricing updates, I set it to make offer. Very rare. If it’s merely a bit underpriced, 300% is room enough.

I don’t think that the claim that this is costing six-figures in unrealized gains is a credible one.

A marketplace where pricing for comparable names can vary to the tune of X1000 or more is not a marketplace that either end-user or domainers want.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I value this dialogue but feel constrained in discussing this openly any further due to my account being restricted based on the concerns I raised:

(sharing the entire message per Jonathan’s request)

I wanted to reach out to you directly regarding an update on your account.
Based on your recent interactions as well as public comments, it looks like some of the information being shared is not factual and in several cases, it is being taken out of context. In addition, your messages to our team and recent comments indicate that you are not in agreement with the Terms of our platform. We have temporarily paused accepting new domain submissions from your account. We will be happy to revisit the decision once we have confirmation that you are in full agreement with our platform policies.

  1. The Platinum Members can update the pricing for up to 3X of Squadhelp approved price. This policy was introduced back in 2021, less than a year after the new benefits were announced (not 2 years as you have publicly stated). There are no pricing restrictions in Standard Listings.
  2. We do allow Platinum members to send any request for pricing changes outside these limits via the “Request Review” section or directly via email or chat if you have already used up the limits for Request Review.
  3. There is no guarantee that the price change requests will be approved, if they are beyond the 3X limit. As mentioned to you back in 2021, SH reserves the right to decline any pricing increases if we believe they are unreasonable, or if there is any misuse of our policies.
  4. As a platform that continues to evolve, we reserve the right to update our platform features or policies at any time. On the same token, the sellers have the right to decide whether or not our platform is a good fit for their situation when any such changes are introduced.
  5. Please refrain from requesting any preferential treatment outside of our Terms or Policies.
  6. Most importantly, any ongoing use of our platform requires the users to be in full agreement with our platform’s Terms and Policies at all times.
    Please confirm your agreement with the above points.
    Thank you.

I have sought clarification on the restriction but have yet to receive a response after nearly two days. As someone deeply invested in this platform, the decision to restrict my account, especially given my intentions to foster constructive dialogue, is disheartening.

My respect for and commitment to this community remain strong. I’ve repeatedly expressed appreciation for the platform and raised my concerns in the spirit of constructive engagement. It is distressing that such efforts can lead to punitive actions without prior warning, as I believe that fostering an environment of intimidation is counterproductive.

I am eager for guidance on how to address the platform’s concerns and adjust my approach to ensure it aligns with the community’s standards. My goal is to resolve this situation and continue contributing positively.

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Hey @Grant and all the amazing folks at SH,

My account is still restricted, and I’m not sure why. As someone who’s been deeply involved in the SH marketplace for over 5 years, contributing and investing heavily, I’m finding this situation really disheartening.

I’ve always believed in transparency and dialogue, so when I raised some concerns about benefits I earned but hadn’t received, I didn’t expect it to lead to account restrictions and silence from the support team. :man_shrugging: I’ve tried to connect a few times but haven’t had any luck getting this resolved.

It’s important to me that we all treat each other with respect and professionalism here, and I’m just looking for some clarity on the situation and how we can resolve it. @Grant, your guidance would be invaluable, and if anyone else has faced something similar or has suggestions, I’m all ears.

Really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks for making SH such a great community, and I’m looking forward to getting back to contributing my best.


@BrandLander Our team had previously provided you a detailed explanation why we are currently not accepting new submissions from your account. While you still have full access to the platform for your existing listings, the option to add new domains is temporarily unavailable due to a dispute with our platform policies and a pattern of threats and demands for policy exceptions. Some examples of these issues have been provided in our response to you. Additionally, we will also be responding to the formal complaint you have filed with the Better Business Bureau since we disagree with your interpretation of the situation and any such complaints ultimately hurt the platform reputation as well as other sellers on the platform.

Our pricing policy for platinum users has not changed since 2021, and we are unable to make exceptions for specific users. As communicated to you back in 2021, we reserve the right to decline any price change requests that are beyond the 3X limit available to platinum sellers. If a request is declined, sellers have the option to remove such names from the platform, switch them to “Make Offer” or move them to standard listings with full pricing flexibility.

The integrity of our marketplace and adherence to our platform policies are extremely important to us. We may reconsider this decision once any outstanding disputes regarding our policies are resolved.

Thank you for your understanding.