Physical therapy contest. ( so frustrating!)

Ugg! I had about ten 2s and one 3 ( not great but better than nothing ) get taken away and now I have all 0’s. Why is this? Now the rest of my submissions in this
Contest are seen and not even rated. This is frustrating! I already don’t have that many Points! Am I allowed to say something? In my first post I asked about deleting unread or rated submissions and Thanks to Seezall I know better now and I won’t delete any more. Could all of The credit take backs actually be all of the unrated but seen posts and rated posts I deleted? Or not ?Or did The ch actualy take away my credits? I am so confused !

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Let me see if I can help you out a little :slight_smile:
First of all, Here’s the breakdown on the points Lisa:

1 Star Ratings: -5 Points
2 Star Ratings: 0 Points (We are eliminating the negative points for 2 star ratings)
3 Star Ratings: 3 Points
4 Star Ratings: 20 Points
5 Star Ratings: 30 Points
Winning a Contest: 100 Points
Receiving a bonus: 75 Points
Participating in a Contest: 10 Points
Leaderboard: Those who feature in monthly leaderboard will earn 300 bonus points.
In addition, your overall point balance will never fall below 0. If you currently have a negative point balance, it will be updated to 0 shortly.


It is against SH rules to address the rating of your names with the Contest holder, we pretty much cannot mention the word rating, so I would advise against saying something.

Keep in mind, SH offers this Contest platform Worldwide, thus we have to take into consideration the timezone differences.
Many of these contest holders are business people, who don’t have time to ‘sit on their contest’, so you might not see ratings for a day or two.

As for the credit take backs they wouldn’t apply to any entries that are not rated. They are directly related to the rated entries
For instance, if you get a 4 star you’s get 20 points. If the contest holder changed their mind and changed it to a 3, SH would take back the 20, but then add 3

2 star ratings really don’t affect you much…they don’t count against you, Basically it means the contest holder (CH) didn’t like it and when they 2 star it, it will ‘hide’ it on THEIR list, so it’s out of view which makes their list a little easier to handle.

[quote=“Lisa1, post:1, topic:877”]
Or did The ch actualy take away my credits?
[/quote] The CH does not take away credits, they simply provide the star rating. This enables the SH system to add and delete credits.

As Seezall suggested, I wouldn’t ever delete a 4 star…and hold on to the 3 stars too. Usually after a short period, someone will ask the CH if it’s ok to delete the 3’s (especially when there are a ton of 4’s and 5’s, but even then some CH’s have told us to wait.

I know it can be very frustrating ( I got a bunch of 2’s on that one too :smile:) but hang in there…when you do hit a contest with a very interactive and supportive CH it gets much easier.


Wow Annie! Thank you so much for that answer, things are
Starting to make sense now. I also kind of figured the reason for no ratings for a time period Was because the Chs were in other locations like Australia. However, I do notice that I am getting better and better at my names. :slight_smile: I thought my names were good in the beginning and now I am realizing I was rusty and that I am improving greatly with every contest. Annie, Again , Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your reply! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


You’re very welcome…Good Luck :slight_smile: