Phantom notification is driving me batty


rofl nice one Lisa… though Nullification would have been perfect :wink:


Ha! I forgot about that one. Must have been a no sleep night for me.
However, nullification would have left it open to the idea of it. Nullified puts it past tense lol
If that doesn’t make sense …working on only three hours sleep


Yipee! I got rid of the phantom 2 messages notification on both my comp and mobile! You just need to be on a very slow connection … my parents home had it… and the page loaded slow enough for me to click on the grey bell at the bottom to be shown the two unread messages. I clicked on both quickly and now it doesn’t show up. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Note if you are on a super fast internet perpetually then you could try (1) Your mobile hotspot when you are in a location with bad network or (2) VPN located in another country (3) Simulated throttling of the site speed.

Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:


Thanks @SmartWebby I have been trying to “catch” that 2 message notification soo fast since you mentioned this. It only took 6 days, but I caught it on the blue button about an hour ago and it has since dis-appeared. Soo nice not to see it anymore. Thank you!!!