Phantom notification is driving me batty


I remember @ALDaisy1 bringing this up a long time ago… but we have this constant phantom notification that pops up and disappears when we don’t have any new notifications. Seems trivial, but it drives me batty. Can SH fix this please. I have read all of my previous notifications and I thought I took care of the phantom a while ago… it seems to be messages from when the notification system was changed… Help save me from battiness, SH! Thank you!

PS: I acknowledge it may be too late to save me from battiness. And yes, I made that word up, what do you expect? LOL


It has been annoying me for months, thank god I’m not the only one!!! :joy::joy::joy:


I agree and the banner running live at the top of contest pages constantly distracts me when I’m really trying to dig into a contest brief. If it could be in pause mode I could concentrate more easily- Respectively😀


I have been reporting this right from the start. I think it should be kind of a priority. I was told it was a browser issue but it isn’t. Please fix this SH…it has been going on a long time.


I have a new computer… all the whistles and bells all updated everything and I use Chrome on it… my old computer was running on Windows XP and Chrome that I couldn’t update because of Windows XP…LOL! But all Chrome. Anyone else using a different browser but still has the phantom?


Yes, I use Safari and firefox on a mac and both have the PHANTOM…hahaha…I like your name of the glitch :grin:


I’m using Microsoft Edge and I also have that phantom notifcation . :rofl:


We will look into the issues. Thank you.


I remember once someone posted in the forum “pushy push notifications”… to this day, that title of a post makes me giggle. I have no idea how to make this funny like that but the phantom notification seems to be popping up even more than before. I guess I should be happy, because notifications mean something great happened… except that my momentary excitement is a crash when I realize (dozens of times I am on the site) that they are not real.



Nutty Notification Nuisance Needs Nullified




This is for SH team, but they surely know this already - these notifications are probably from the bell in lower right corner, sometimes it still appears instead of blue button in a flash :slight_smile: when you click on it (don’t ask me how) you get two notifications, I don’t remember what they were, I think one was test notification, and another one is some news, really not sure haven’t seen them in a while. I might be wrong, and it might be coincidence, but I was never able to mark those two notifications as read.


And caught them on the phone


“The Great Test Notification of 2018”
Accounts are still haunted till this day.


@Commulinks Now every time I see the ghost notifications I think about how batty they make you and it really amuses me for some reason. They make me batty too, BTW. Please fix, SH! Call the ghost busters if you have to.


LOLOL! So glad to make you grin, @Moretal.


Yes, still!

Yes, boo!

I have decided to call Prometheus productions, makers of Ancient Aliens and UnXplained to look into the matter now.

"You have to ask yourself… "… why would these phantoms continue to exist? Are they part of some government conspiracy to drive us batty? Hmmmmm…


I think it may be the ghost of NayNay trying to communicate with us from the afterlife (that is, the life after SH).


I think SH is sending us subliminal messages with the flickering of this bell :slight_smile:


Hehe me too… drives me nuts!! I don’t look at the screen after clicking through sometimes. coz it shows up only for a second or so. Try that till it’s fixed. :slight_smile::hugs: