PetSitting Contest Missing Entries

Anyone else notice missing entries for that pet sitting business contest? At least two that Ibsubmitted at the end of the contest and starred as favorite entries are no longer there.

Amanda, go back to your entries and scroll down to the bottom.

It will say: # of Entries per Page: (and most likely says 40 entries) - hit the drop down next to it and choose view ALL and then they will all be there. (not sure why it says 40- but doesn’t really show that many)

I thought the same thing before and Dan let me know that same thing

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Awesome! Thanks so much!

difficult to choose two for best entries - i liked all mine in this one but none were rated

I messaged SH about this but same time the CH quit being active in this contest one of my entered names was registered and there is now a site set up for the exact same business at my suggested domain. Curious to see what happens. Anyone recall where they said they were located, I believe I remember but would love to hear from others.

I too had one bought Lynn

I had none bought but they were all worth buying- they missed out