Petition to extend the reporting of registered domain

Hello, everyone. I’d like to ask for your opinion regarding an extension of months for reporting a registered domain. I think six (6) months would be ideal. But definitely not one month. There are times that winner selection takes at least three months to complete.

I mean, has anyone here received a compensation from reported domains past a month due? Most Whois details are redacted for privacy purposes. Does SquadHelp has a team to look deeper on this or do they rely on Whois alone? What if a colleague registered a domain on CH’s behalf? It is still clearly a violation to creative’s rights.


I think you’ll find many creatives are in agreement with the idea of extending the current 30-day limit for reporting domain registrations. The 30-day limit seems particularly ridiculous (and unfair) when applied to contests that are still open or pending. Like you say, many contests take months to close. I hope others weigh in on this.


@jasmin124 Good luck with this. I have been dealing with domain names for the past few years. I have done (morally) wrong things for the time past myself, I know very well how to do what I want, so I know what I am talking about. Everybody who wants to register a domain name that is not registered yet, is free to do so. SH (or whoever and whatever rules and guidlines) can’t actually guarantee you (as a creative) in any way once you share your idea with another person. SH don’t have the power to stop anybody (CH’s or whoever) to register a name they want. 1 month, 6 months, 6 years, or even 60 years won’t guarantee you in any way. Once the name is registered, it’s gone! Report as much as you want, but nothing will follow. Submittting good unregistered names to contests is quite a risky business. You wouldn’t go on Sedo or another marketplace and list an unregistered name for sale, would you? With best wishes. :slight_smile:


You gave us a very realistic view of this matter. Although you’re probably right, I couldn’t give a like to your post as it’s too realistic for me - I’m kind of knocked down by the obvious. Being here for 4.5 years (only 7-8 hours a week though), I remained enthusiastic despite the troubles creatives are facing. That’s because I love it! Naming contests, brainstorming, creativity… all of it. Now, after reading your post… Perhaps tomorrow I will feel differently.


@Bisabog Sorry if you have found my reply too hard to swallow, but I prefer to be realistic about the world around me, instead of watching it through pink glasses, through a pink window, from a room with pink walls.

I said this before in another post, I will say it again here. I simply can’t see how a premium domain marketplace and a crowd-naming platform could possibly co-exist under the same roof. I wonder why I am still fighting to get my names approved for the premium marketplace (priced at $1999 and above), when prospectives visiting the same site can get a good name for $100 or $200 by simply starting a naming contest. I don’t mind when my premium names have to compete with other premium names (I find this fair), but tryng to compete with names for $100 on the same platform is just a lost cause (and this is what I find unfair).

This is like arranging a fight between a sheep and a wolf, where the sheep is forced to believe that she can still win. (In case the methaphor is unclear - I am the sheep who is trying to sell names for $2K or $3K while other people on the same site are selling same names for $100.)

This is the main problem of SH - they have put two completely incompatible concepts under the same roof. I can predict that the conflict between them two concepts will worsen with time. Sooner or later they will have to choose - premium names or naming contests. The choice is inevitable.

And all the small problems arise from the big problem, including the issue with the unregistered names submitted to contests that you have to report as registered later.


To @Anton_Naydenoff : I just wanted to say that contest pricing is actually much more than the contest prize:
It was creatives who asked SH to add the marketplace and I believe it is quite compatible with contests. Most of my owned names are names I used in contests that got the most loves, etc.

To @Bisabog - yes, a lot of people are here because they love the creativity.

To everyone: I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have said this now but posting about this problem in the forum has actually contributed to the problem. All SH users have access to this forum.

I had to give up on this issue long ago. So now, people just need to deal with the reality of the situation. Many points have been made on this, over many years. SH does more than any other platform on this issue. From there, we simply have to make our own choices about what we do and how. I have made lots of decisions about how I participate in contests and what I am willing to contribute. That is what everyone has to do.

And as a result, I hardly participate and I haven’t won in ages. That is my choice. I used to be on the leaderboard long ago.

One choice we do not have is to force people to be honest. So, you make your choice - CH’s make theirs. You decide, within the reality, what you are willing to do.

I do, however think SH should allow us to report long after the contest is closed for NO OTHER REASON but to record it so that other contestants in the future can see that and make decisions about participating in a contest run by a CH who abandoned all of their contests and had 5 registrations reported. THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO - to realize the repeat ones and not participate in those. And for that, data is needed.


@Commulinks One of the reasons I try to restrain myslef from posting here is that CH’s have access to discussions, too. I think it would have been much better if the forum was only for the community. But whatever…
In regards to the part where you tagged me - contests would’ve been compatible if only premium names listed on the platform were allowed to participate. The way it is now is deff not okay as it creates unfair competition between registered and unregistered names. And yes, I know that awards are only part of what CH’s pay, but it’s still much cheaper for them to hold a contest, instead of buying a premium name. And even when the expenses for CH’s might be higher, it doesn’t change the fact that creatives still get $100 for their ideas.
We all know that there are a few big talents on SH and everybody admires their wins and their income. I don’t want to mention names, but certain creatives could’ve been millionaires by now if they were selling names instead of chasing contests. Anyway if they’re happy with what they do, who am I to judge them.
I know what you mean about names that got loves - but you decided to register them in the end, right? Why? This is all about approval, so you can see what might be of value. But there are different ways of checking if your names are being liked. There are crowd appraisal platforms for instance. And with the experience you have I am sure that you can spot a good name without the need for somebody else to tell you that it’s good. :slight_smile:


Not much to disagree with there, Anton!

All I know is that all customers have access to the marketplace and they can look there first. Many are on tighter budgets and probably wouldn’t buy premiums anyway… and from my experience…not many do. Many contests end with anyway. I think it’s all a wash, really…and many CHs don’t want or even need premiums.


As someone with 150 anual average of “stolen” names, here’s how I minimise the risk:

  1. Avoid non-guaranteed contests, or participate only with premium names.
  2. For low reward contests submit names that don’t have .com available.
  3. I am not a domainer so I only have SH registered domains in my portfolio. If you think your idea is good you can either register it yourself or submit it to SH for approval.

With contests that drag on for months 30-day limit on registration report is a bit ridiculous. It would be reasonable if it was 30 days after the contest is awarded.


I subscribe to your every word. When the peak of proposed domains for contest by me and registered by third parties reached 500, I was forced to become a domainer… SH Team must decide to count down 30 days only after the competition has been ended by awarding the winner or splitting! Ideally, you need to go back to the previous scheme, when the reports were submitted within 60 days.


I totally agree with you regarding reporting EVERY single registration for the purpose of disclosing dishonest CHs. Since I’ve been doing this for years now, without exception, the percentage of registered ones is way too high even for somebody like me who joins about 10 contests per month only. As for finding justice, I’ve lost hope long ago.
Also, I find ONLY 30 days for registration report inadequate and unfair (it should be extended), so count me in for this petition. :slightly_smiling_face:


I now check the CH prior contest stats quite closely before entering. Some of them have quite a trail of reported domain registrations (often in conjunction with abandoned contests). Some CHs appear to work as branding/naming consultants which is why they keep coming back to SH. I do not think I’m being unreasonable to think that off-contest lists of available names could be kept by some CHs in this naming field, and registered for other clients long after the SH 30-day limit.


Precisely why 30 days after contest ends is good but not ideal. Presuming CH does not have access on all entries 7 days after selecting a winner, they can always print all entries beforehand and register the good ones after a month. Simple yet effective technique.

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I do agree with @Commulinks that SH is far superior amongst other naming contest websites, no doubt about that. From the layout, the chat support, the no-upfront fee marketplace, this forum, and even the reporting of the so-called-stolen domains is a privilege we don’t see on other naming sites. I have won a naming contest on another site for just $10. Later I found out that it was posted here on SH too. Should I had submitted my entry here, I would have won $135. A huge difference from what I actually received. I also has lost a domain idea on another site as was not able to report it. So a hundred times yes, I do agree that SH is overall better than the rest. I also appreciate the team’s effort of continuously updating and upgrading the rules and the site.

However, I am afraid I cannot simply agree with “just live with it” perspective. We have to realize that this forum is made exactly for this type of discussions. Senior members who have been active on this forum for years may say, “Oh, not this topic again! :woman_facepalming::man_facepalming:” But any thoughts why the topic resurfaces over and over again? Uhm… Well I hate to break it but it may be because it wasn’t completely addressed. Remember, we cannot solve an issue by just killing off the topic. We may get over with one creative bring up the issue but not soon after another creative will see and realize what must be improved.

For the record, I do not expect SH to give an overnight solution on this. Planning and execution are two different thing and I am well aware that both takes a long time. I posted this in high hopes to get creatives together and bring attention to SH that this isn’t actually impossible. That maybe SH can include this in their priority list somehow? Who knows maybe SH will be the pioneer of the ‘guardians of the creatives’ rule that every naming site will be forced to follow.


Jasmin, with respect for your deep frustration, two things:

  1. you don’t have to just live with it. You can work to protect yourself some as others have mentioned
  2. what do you propose SH do about this? What do you think is even possible for them to do? Do you know something about how to solve this that they don’t know? Does anyone in the forum know? Millions of domains are registered every day and now nobody even knows who is registering them.

The reason we old people keep saying “this again” is because this problem is unsolvable right now unless other external things change - by other companies. If SH could solve it, they would have done so by now. Their reasons are always what I said.

Nobody is trying to make you angry - just telling you the truth.

Ultimately you have control over whether or not you participate and that is the only way to stop this right now. Trust me, I have great disdain for this too!


We encourage everyone’s feedback in this forum however I would like to remind everyone that words such as “stolen” or “theft” should be avoided when referring to our customers in a public forum, unless you have clear evidence that this occurred. This type of dialog can deter potential customers from using the platform if they feel threatened by the tone of the messages being used to describe them.

Many of the customers are spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to find a name for their startup or brand, and a large number of these customers would not violate the Terms of the platform and expose themselves to potential legal risk, just to save $100. Having said that, there is always a possibility that some customers may knowingly or unknowingly violate this policy.

There have also been several instances where names were registered as a pure coincidence (in many cases even by other sellers of SH platform), where the reporting creative felt absolutely certain that their name was registered by a CH.

We have specific processes in place to report domain registrations and we will continue to find ways to improve these processes. However if you are submitting unregistered domains, please be aware that there is always a risk that some of those names will be eventually registered. We always encourage creatives to register their good names in advance, or take advantage of the SH registered option in the Marketplace.


I understand everything you’ve outlined @grant. I’ve seen this same information repeated in varying other threads. However, this forum thread seeks specifically just to extend the current domain registration reporting period from the arbitrary 30-day limit (from time of submission). Extending this reporting period seems totally within SH’s remit. Contests are allowed to be extended, often several times and others can be in Pending status for many months. Why so strict then, on this matter, with the very creatives who fuel the SH fire? It won’t make any difference to the facts of submission domain registration, but it would certainly help the perception of creatives that in this issue at any rate, SH does care about them. Sometimes in life, perception is everything…


Reporting of registered domains 30 days AFTER the contest ends is a good start. The way I proposed the 6-month idea is to give creative enough time to submit the same domain into another contest or make it a premium one. CH’s access on this forum can also be an advantage on the creative’s side. Making them well aware of the new rule may discourage them from registering a non-winning domain in the span of those months. I am not sure if you’ll agree but I think it’ll reduce the cases of registered domain.

Another point I’ve been meaning to raise is the compensation. Will a compensation suffice? A domain may have not won the contest but the fact that it registered without prior consent makes it more valuable. Are CHs penalized for this kind of misconduct? I do not have any idea on this, kindly educate me.

@Avram thank you for the tips. I cannot imagine having that high digits. A single stolen domain can make you rage enough, what more a hundred and fifty can do :grimacing:

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Hi @Commulinks I am sending my apologies regarding my previous message. I do not mean to offend anyone, I mean to start a healthy discussion regarding the topic. Though most of it expresses frustration and disappointment, believe it or not, I wrote the message in a calm, friendly tone. However, it doesn’t seem to relay way I expected :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the reminder @grant. Probably why some of my posts and replies are still in pending hahaha. I have nothing to add since @canswift perfectly enumerated it all!

I’d like to agree with @Anton_Naydenoff’s idea of maybe having a forum solely for creatives where we can freely discuss sensitive topics like this? Hope you can consider. Thank you.