Percentile Score Update

I agree. There is often no rhyme or reason to why CHs remove Contestant access and usually they do it without providing any helpful specific feedback at all which would have greatly helped provide entries they want (At least from seasoned creatives).


Probably, the automatic calculation of the level of quality of the creative work is beyond the understanding of my skull :slight_smile: Having a stable victory and the love of customers, she suddenly lost her rating from 76 to 58. There was an opportunity to submit only five options; well, I decided to draw conclusions and approach the work more carefully. Two successive victories in one day made me happy - but here a new blow: now I can only submit two ideas. Such a tough approach not only makes it impossible for me to “catch the mood” of the customer and choose the right direction, but also literally “shoots hands”, completely depriving the incentive to be creative …


I am so sorry you are going through this @Kasinsky. You are a wonderful namer and I agree wholeheartedly that 2 or even 5 entries is completely insufficient. This is incredibly frustrating and I know I will be joining you soon. The changes have been so very hard on really good people who have stuck by SH.


I too am confused how you could have those two back to back wins and drop to 58%. That’s definitely a head scratcher to me. Also, while I agree with limiting entries, I do think two is too limiting.


The recent changes are hard on everybody equally as we all are held to the same standard. A creative’s loyalty to SH is irrelevant to their performance based privileges.


My score went up even though I don’t participate as much (or win as much) as in the past. Naturally I’m not complaining that mine went up, but it seems like there’s something wrong with the system if people are winning contests and getting less entries or if proven namers have their scores reduced. SH needs to check the algorithm and tweak it so it would be fair and reward deserving creatives.


What I think about this is that it won’t make it possible to maintain the 100% transparency of the site.
My opinion is on the split contest, if a contest is abandoned without any ratings, then after 30 days, SH will select four random winner based on

  1. Having at least 5 love it in the following month
  2. Haven submitted at least 5 entries in the abandoned contest
    Now that I can only submit 2 entries, does that mean I can no longer receive abandon contest without any ratings? Since I’m only privilege to submit 2 entries, even though it has not happened to me, someone who introduced me to the site has won a contest with his single entry in the contest, now that I can only submit 2 does not mean that within the 2, I can’t win a contest. Now that I’m not able to submit 5, does it mean that only those who can submit 5 are the only one eligible for the split? If that is the case, then I don’t think SH is transparent enough on this matter.
    If I’m to suggest anything, I’ll rather say SH should allow at least 5 entries, then maybe 3 with withdrawn entries which will make it total of 8 in minimum, at least with that, people will be able to submit his or her idea perfectly and will be able to partake in the unrated abandon split.

My Percentile Rank just went from 90% the past months to 74% today! Good luck to me!:slightly_frowning_face:


Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback. We will take your thoughts into consideration, and the Percentile Ranking algorithm will continue to evolve.

Percentile Ranking is based on several factors including number of high ratings relative to total submissions, wins, contest removals, etc. This ranking is based upon your last 6 months of performance - the number of years you’ve participated with Squadhelp does not play a role in this metric. Also, in some cases we conduct account reviews and set entry limits based upon the submission pattern of the creative.

All changes are designed to reduce the number of abandoned contests and increase customer satisfaction. One of the major focuses of this update is to encourage Creatives to thoroughly read contest briefs and submit just a few highly relevant ideas initially.

@beloved - Your entry limits will not prevent you from winning contests or receiving award distributions when a contest has no high ratings. For contests with only No thank you and unrated entries, you must have 5 Love it ratings during the previous month to be qualified for inclusion in the pool. For this purpose, Love it ratings can be received from multiple contests. So your entry limit will not bar you from this pool.