Percentile Score Update


I am all with you… my score is now 99% and I don’t even agree with that… I constantly have a stream of sad faces. No one here is going to get it right all of the time. You learn by the sad faces, and they shouldn’t discourage you- or be used as a way of reprimanding creatives. The chaos continues… sending you hugs.


And extra freaking out because I just reread and our entry limit will now include withdrawn… this is going downhill fast.


I don’t see how it’s hurting some and not others. The new rules and guidelines have been applied to everyone. To be honest I don’t understand or agree with your reasoning above. Using your examples above one could easily say what if a creative would have had the winning name at entry #51. You speak as if there were no restrictions in the first place.

I too don’t know if this new way will solve the problem but I personally believe that it’s a step in the right direction. I posted to show SH my support in their decision. I understand you disagree and that’s okay. Just keep in mind SH is forever changing and if this doesn’t work for SH and/or the majority of it’s members after the dust has settled they will likely change it as they’ve done many times before. All we can do is give our input and hope for the best outcomes and I will leave it at that :slightly_smiling_face:


For others, what has not happened yet but is to come is that the last six months of wins will be factored into the score. We already had a score for that.


I want CHs to be happy and to leave with the name they came for.
Edit: @Chasity2ku - SH hasn’t implemented the restrictions on entries yet either.


Which isn’t fair at all-
I have been doing well because I have had the freedom to work and not worry.
I’ll be honest- I have a contest going right now that has been up 24 hours. I have put 88 entries in. I’m not ashamed- I’m having fun, I am learning, and I am engaged with the brief. I have 13 loves and 18 likes. And ready to keep pursuing that perfect name.
What happens when things change? Will I fear the submit button? I will only have 50 entries. What if my first 45 sucked because I was finding my footing?

Note- I submit 3-4 at a time and wait for ratings (this specific CH has been on like 12 times today) :wink:


@littodino I posted a similar reply to you on another thread. A string of sad faces is not something to worry about as long as you are with the majority in the contest/s you got them on. That’s exactly why you have 99% with a string of NTYs. Understanding this is key to understanding how ratings affect your percentile.


I’m referring to the new cap on entries. :confused:


I was referring to your statement about your percentile rating :slightly_smiling_face:


Well thank you then :slight_smile:
I don’t really care about the percent- it’s more so what it influences.


I understand. You just stated you didn’t agree with the high percent due to all the sad faces (or that’s how I understood it) so I was trying to explain why that’s possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly- this may ruin the ability to reach their perfect name… Especially when they alter the brief 80 times (which I am okay with- if I get the wiggle room we once had)


You are rare gem @rareworthy!! Thank you for your encouraging words!!!


CH- Hello, I love this idea- can you submit more ideas using xxx?
Creative- Sorry, but no… I have hit my cap of 25 entries.

Sorry I am just spazzing and I know you resonate here…


Thanks all for sharing your feedback. I would like to address few things here.

In an ideal world, everyone should have zero limits, and we should be able to continue to brainstorm with CH until they find a name. Unfortunately, we have learnt from many years of experience that things are not that simple. We have thousands of creatives on the platform and everyone has a different submission style.

The percentile scoring mechanism combined with the amazing creativity of the community has allowed us to deliver a large number of successful contests, which is reflected in the highly positive customer reviews. However we are at a point where we are getting hundreds of new creatives every day and we must build some additional checks and balances to ensure that the CH’s do not getting overwhelmed with high number of entries that are not hitting the mark.

The percentile score will never be perfect, and there will always be few creatives who do all the right things but still do not achieve a high enough percentile score. There is subjectivity in naming, and no mathematical formula can truly capture the unique potential of all individual creatives. Having said that, with over 75,000 creatives in the platform, we need some sort of measure to ensure that the limits in platform are determined based upon the creative’s ability to submit names that resonate with the CH.

This is in no way meant to stifle creativity. Even if your percentile score is 70%, you get a total of 15 submission in a contest (including withdrawn entries). If even one of your entries are liked in that contest, you will get 10 more entries. If more than one entries are liked in that contest, you will now get UNLIMITED submissions in that contest.

These changes have been made based upon a very thorough analysis of feedback from contest holders, submission patterns as well as abandonment rates. If we find that these changes are resulting in a negative impact, we will be the first to acknowledge the mistake and correct it. In the meantime, I hope that everyone gives it some time for things to settle down.



Ha…you should’ve said that a long time ago :wink:


I just want to start by saying thank you- and sorry for freaking out :slight_smile:
After a long talk with one of the lovely humans behind the Blue Button (Mae) I feel a lot better.
I wasn’t aware that being over 90% meant unlimited entries, period. So my mind is settled.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to settle some of our minds, it is truly appreciated @Darpan :slight_smile:


@Darpan, I am grateful that you piped in. Just remember, while considering all the thousands of new creatives joining, you have thousands of creatives who have been very loyal to SH and to your customers. We work for no pay with a chance of winning. We dedicate hours of our day to CHs and your platform. We provide endless ideas to make SH better. We may not all be the “most” successful, but we have created enough great winning names and logos to keep coming back and to keep your customers coming back. We’ve been devoted to you and SH’s success. We continue to be.

Maybe you could consider other more positive things for your loyal creatives. We understand the customer comes first. And we understand that we help to create customers. We have proven that, while new people have not.

I am glad you are reading what we are writing. You listened to some creatives who advocated for this. Now I hope you listen to the rest of us, too.

Edit to add:
Positive reinforcement changes behavior for the better, while criticism stabilizes negative behaviors and blocks change. - Virginia H. Pearce


I’ve decided to delete my original post. If you read it, I stand by my opinion, but I’ve decided to keep my opinions to myself. Which is extremely hard.


I feel aligned to what @Commulinks has already posted. Wondering if too many rules will eat up SH’s crowdsource spirit!
Yet ready to give it a go as @Darpan says “If we find that these changes are resulting in a negative impact, we will be the first to acknowledge the mistake and correct it.” (I believe this is the true spirit of SH).
But one particular thing is bugging me→ as put by @grant in another post "It also takes into account how often a CH removed your access from their contest due to not following the brief."→ I have earlier said this too, this goes against the grain of crowdsourcing spirit. More so when CH changes direction/brief many a times or a name wins which is very different from what has been asked in the brief. At least there should be a big bold ‘CAVEAT’(strictly follow brief) in case of those CH’s who think their brief is perfect!