Percentile Score Update


I haven’t been here long. .but it’s been over a year… I’m in my worst stretch I have ever had. So discouraging. I seem to do okay ratings-wise but the wins just aren’t there. It’s a rough cycle because not winning kills motivation and then not participating as much doesn’t lead to wins.


Mine drop, too. More than 8% in a day. :frowning: Do we have a choice to hide our percentile stats from the public?


My percentile has barely changed.

What about making some changes to Percentile rank as well as submission limits for contests.? Anyone seen changes to their submission limits? I haven’t… yet.


This worries me! I am skeptic about participating many contest for the fear of loosing the Tier A status and now for the score update I go a straight 8% DROP? I am sure the correction is for good a reason but this disheartens me a lot.


I don’t think we can… sorry.


Mine hasn’t changed at all yet either… No changes to submission limits at this point.


My percentile dropped more than 10% and submissions from 25 to 10 overnight.


Oh Wow! That is brutal! I feel the same way you do @lightless. The main focus here once upon a time was the success of SH contests and how to make it better, now it’s the marketplace which is turning into a behemoth. I feel so frustrated by my lack of success here, or the kind of success that has 5 shortlists, and not one win, plus the lack of selling my marketplace names is so discouraging.

You, @lightless, are one I have always looked up too and your names have been stellar. I remember your IvyLadder which was brilliant. So please don’t go!


Ouch! That’s a real blow @lightless I’m really sorry this has happened to you.

I still don’t understand why some creatives want the amount of submissions dropped!


I sure would hate to lose you, @lightless. I really love having you here. So sorry your score dropped so much. Mine was 5.5% less today. Discouragement does not breed great ideas, IMHO.


@Commulinks @LauraE @AbleBrands Thank you for your kind words, but I was probably a bit too melodramatic. I’ll be around unless things get too unrewarding which is certainly a possibility in the future.

Lots of entries going unrated and general lack of individual entry feedback doesn’t help my motivation much these days. Can’t participate if you aren’t motivated, then you don’t win and you lose further motivation and it is a vicious circle of demotivation as Tristine and Commulinks noted above. Also @LauraE IvyLadder only happened because the CH gave lot of individual entry feedback which greatly helped refine submissions and deliver them a name which they absolutely loved, which I don’t have happening much these days.


… mine went up 7 percent… I’d like to know the reasoning at least… those that have reported drops- I dont understand why. You guys are constantly at the top?


I worry that the percentages are going to push people out. Only one winner usually to a contest, only so many contests a day, different varying times for contests to close, and people that stand at both sides of the spectrum of either barely winning at all versus those that win multiple contests at a time. I’m afraid that the wins or lack thereof will begin to take precedence over ratings in general which with the factors already stated – should say otherwise. Wins are important, but ratings can be more important in many cases. There’s many people sitting on the side of multiple high ratings and no wins vs those that are fortunate enough to establish wins. Also I wonder if bonuses and splits are considered as wins, because in this kind of environment, you would think they should be. You ranked high enough or were favored enough to be chosen in one way or another – so that is a win. Either way, I guess all we can do is watch and see what happens. But right now, this is a prominent concern and I hope that everything works out.

edited to add:

On another note I want to say that @lightless @Commulinks @LauraE @AbleBrands and I can’t @ a many people as I would like so Avram, Nelmag, Tk, Moretal, Chasity, Holly, Jackie, and heck … EVERYONE that I’ve ever mentioned before and the people commenting here and everyone that has been trending and on leaderboards and even those killing it with SHMP … like I said … EVERYONE – you all are such inspirations to someone like me. I hope you don’t let these changes demotivate you too much. I know, personally, how hard you all are working and trying to just roll with the changes. Keep your heads up and doing all the awesome that you’re able to do. Even if I didn’t personally say all names – doesn’t mean you’re not being considered in this. I mean this for everyone, right now, that may be feeling hesitant, worried, or questionable. We will figure this out, we will make it work. Don’t become too discouraged that it detracts from all the greatness you have done. Wins or not, if you’re getting at least some high ratings – then in my book – you’ve got talent. You made a connection, you struck a chord, you were seen as an option. That is something that is hard here. We swim often in a sea of orange but if you get a green raft whether it is light or dark green, then you’re doing something right. Keep it up. Do the best you can. Work with anything and everything you can get. I believe in you and so do many others.


Thank you, @Rareworthy, I REALLY needed the pep talk. This whole thing has left me very - very sour.


Wonderful words of wisdom and comfort @rareworthy. That’s something many of us need right now. Thank you for that.:slightly_smiling_face:


:roll_eyes: That’s all… just :roll_eyes:


Tristine stick with it you are way way too talented to quit - your stuff is just too goo.


You are entirely too sweet! I needed to hear this today. I keep trying to remind myself that I’m doing this for fun (and a little bit of cash for Christmas/van payments/savings) when I get frustrated at my lack of winning lately. I am a stay-at-home mom to three little boys so I really enjoy that I can do this without sacrificing time with them.


My percentile dropped 5% from yesterday. I know this is an unpopular opinion and I’m okay with that so I will share it anyway.

SH is growing fast and that’s a good thing. The competition is tough. I feel this is a needed adjustment to keep CHs from being overwhelmed with multiple, non-viable entries from the same creatives. Those that have the chops will prevail and those that don’t will struggle. I will probably struggle and that sucks but if others can deliver the goods with less entries then they are superior and will rise.

With the number of creatives growing rapidly SH has to find a way to keep CHs engaged and not overwhelmed. Keeping allowable entries high is counter productive to the problem at hand, IMHO. It’s going to be hard for some of us around here and I can assure you that includes me but SH simply needs to trim the fat.


It remains to be seen if you are correct that this solution will keep CHs from being overwhelmed. There are highly rated contestants who can and will still have the ability to overwhelm CHs, leaving other more thoughtful creatives behind. I strongly disagreed with this from the start and that still stands. This “idea” helped certain creatives and hurt others who do still win contests but who will be much more limited than those whose scores have skyrocketed now. How is it possible to have a 100% score I wonder? Where I went to school, 100% means you got it all right every time. What if the one person who had the winning name in their mind is unable to enter that idea because of limitations? What if a CH goes away mad because that person could have given them exactly what they wanted but the creative was not allowed? This is not all about who “has what it takes”. It is about who has the idea that hits that particular hot button at that particular time. Some people who work hard here win once every few months but their name is the one that did it. That one creative beat all of us because they had it in that moment. They may not have it every day, week or month, but they had it in that moment. Now, there’s no value in that. This idea never felt like it was about the best interest of the CH to me. And I will leave it at that.