Percentile Score Update


Over the next few days we will be making some changes to Percentile rank as well as submission limits for contests.

We believe these changes will offer a better way to recognize those creatives who are consistently “hitting the mark”. The changes will discourage a high volume of rapid submissions in contests and will also allow us to add additional screening measures for new creatives.

If you notice some fluctuations in your percentile rank over the next few days, please do not be alarmed. Once these changes are complete, we will share additional details about the percentile ranking as well as revised entry limits.


I wish you could tell us before the changes are complete how our percentile ranks will be affected. A lot of us struggle with our percentages as-is and it would be better if we could know before all of these changes happen what to be aware can/will happen. I understand if the changes may be hard to iron out what they may do and that is why we have to wait, but is there any scenarios or examples you may be able to share? If not, I understand, just a little anxious as to what this could mean for everyone.


I hope it is everything that everyone who advocated for this dreamed it would be. At this point, I will wait and see and hope like heck they were right and that instead I am not even more discouraged than I already am.


Literally how I am feeling right now… :hugs: Hugs, but that smiley should not be smiling.
Anxiety through the roof.


I think it will help a lot. If 10 people throw in 30 entries each, that’s 300 right off the bat. It’s no wonder the CH’s get overwhelmed and stop rating in the first few days. When we have over a 100 creatives putting in entries (even a reasonable amount) they start to add up fast, so without the rapid fire creatives, it should help in keeping the CH’s more involved. Just like the early access was created for.


I do wish more CH’s would be more active and give more direction in the public message area, rather than just saving their feedback for the few that have hit the interest mark. Perhaps more work can be done with this @grant. There always seems to be only two types of rating systems going on, there’s the ch who likes or loves almost everything, and the second kind, who only like a few that are close to what they are after.

I know this has been discussed many times over the years, but I’d like to see more progress in this area. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions at the moment, perhaps we could open this subject up again, and some new comers as well as old timers could share some thoughts on this. Thanks.


The whole process (SH) thus far has been a progression of trial and error. Improvements will never be achieved, if changes are not at least attempted to see what works and what doesn’t, what works best and so on. I know you know all of this already, I also hear your valid concerns, fears or worries. Let’s just see how it goes, we already know squadhelp is always open to listening, making adjustments, and tweaking things as they go along. True?


I hear you’re quite the talent, please don’t feel singled out. You may have been part of the Current topic, though the issue has been around awhile. It typically comes back around when some one has been here less than six months and is on quite the roll. I sincerely don’t think you have much to worry about, and I am not trying to make light of your concerns. I sincerely suspect you’ll do better than fine. I cannot speak for others who sought change in this area, I can only comment how I see it and that is … aiming for the bigger picture. That being: 1.) Sharpen the entries by the creatives, 2.) Get the CH to Sharpen their activity level and give clearer direction to all. 3.) Hopefully improve overall rating participation by the CH. 4.) A more level playing field for all creatives. And lastly, to try and improve the overall pitfalls that come with the nature of the business. Remember that the issue of an influx of more creatives predicted to be joining IS a Very Real Concern to, in regard to the CH receiving entries, rating, feedback and not abandoning a contest.
**Keep up the great work @littodino. Congrats on all of your success so far and on your continued success here. I’m glad you’re here.


@grant It is worrying me that many entries are going unrated in many contests, without which there is much less incentive for serious creatives to participate actively. If we don’t even get the satisfaction of entries rated or given feedback of some form, why even bother?

I would like Squadhelp to ask all the CHs who leave large percentage of entries unrated why they do so, and what would motivate them to rate more.


@lightless - This is good feedback. At this point, we are doing a lot to promote Contest Holder engagement. However, we will continue to work on ways to make this an even better process.


I’d like to know if the percentile score change is under way now or not. My score is changing throughout the day. If it hasn’t happened yet, I’d like to know when it will because I’ve never had my score move around like this throughout the day. It usually changes over night.

It’s extremely discouraging that SH did this, BTW. So if you “hear” an edge in my voice, that is why. I was having a good day today with contests and my score just wiped away my motivation.


woah talk about a rapid drop!


I don’t think mine has done much? How big of a change are you seeing? I guess I can’t remember what mine was this morning… but it had to be right around where it is now…


In the last 2 days…4 points. That is a lot considering it hardly ever changed more than a point before. It put me below where I have been (and worked hard for) for over a year. It is so discouraging.


Did yours drop, too?


Don’t remember I had ever such scores! :pensive:And it has changed second time in a day. almost 7% drop. Earlier it used to be .5% change.
Hope it is only temporary. :disappointed:


20% overnight, dropped. I don’t win a lot so a percentage in the mid nineties at least gave me the boost that I’m half alright at this. I was starting to feel bummed, this makes me feel really really bummed, how do you climb that mountain!? Jeez.


If things continue to go as badly as things have gone at Squadhelp recently for me on the contest front, I feel I may have to find a new hobby.


6 points in few hours, so I hear you. I don’t really worry about the score, as long as I can participate tier A contests, but 6 points at once… Harsh.


The “love” is a digital hug… not a “I love that you’re unhappy/discouraged”…