Percentile Score Changes?


We continue to evaluate the percentile score, and we will keep your feedback in mind.


A few days ago, I was blocked from a contest, after getting a “Like it” on one of my entries… So I was unable to “submit further entries along those lines”.
To me, this serves to show the negative impact a contest block has on our percentile should be quite lower than it currently is and relatively lower than the positive impact the good ratings have.


I was also blocked a week ago then recieved a like. Actually three times.
I would love if there was a counter on each contest that let you know how many people have been blocked from a contest.
Most of the time I was blocked, then there was a contest update immediately after expressing not to do what I did. Which to me seems unfair. There’s not even a second chance to redeem yourself. Then moving forward everyone knows not to do that and you never got a warning.
Sorry a lot of ranting but yeah. To be blocked before a CH even makes up his or her mind on the direction is a bit unfair.


I agree with you! There should be some possibility of redemption.


Also 98 percent of the time throwing one or two wild card names in works wonders. Sometimes that is the turning point for a CH. Showing them something they didn’t originally consider.
Then there’s the 2 percent that will block you the minute you get creative.


By now, I’m starting to sound like those old folks that can’t leave a subject to it’s due rest… but here I go again, on the percentile! :smiley:
Yesterday my percentile was 46,8%. During this last night I received 3 “Love it” ratings (no contest block that I know of - we DO need to receive info about contest blocks). And my percentile increased to an astouding 46,9%! :smile:
If on the other hand I had been blocked from a contest the percentile would have gone down to around 40% or so.
I feel the percentile algorithm needs to be reviewed.


There is something weird going on with my percentiles. They have been on a decline for reasons i cannot understand. Today i won a contest and my percentiles dropped even further. Unfathomable!


I am not sure if these rules still hold true, but, I had this saved. It was @grant response to the same topic.

Percentile Ranking is based on the number of like it and love it rating (high ratings) you’ve received within the last 180 days, relative to the number of entries you submit, in relation to your fellow Creatives. (Wow…that’s a mouth full.)

The first thing to keep in mind is that a string of like it and love it ratings in your Activity Feed, does not necessarily directly correlation to the changes to your Percentile Score.

Here are three of many situations that explain this:

(1) High Ratings Relative to Number of Entries - You’re particularly fast and inspired and submit double your usual entries. You typically submit 50 entries a day and receive 10 high ratings, but for two days, you’ve averaged 150 submissions and receive 30 high ratings. In this situation, while your number of high ratings increased, your percent of high ratings is the same (20%).

(2) High Ratings in Relation to Your Fellow Creatives - There are one or two active contests where CHs are rating using a non-standard curve. They’ve given 75 love it ratings and 150 like it ratings. You receive an influx of high ratings, but so has everyone else. So, again, your number of high ratings increases, but everyone has been graced with this influx, so your high ratings in relation to your fellow creatives does not change.

(3) High Ratings Recently Received - You’ve had a good day with several high ratings. One of your better days, but certainly not your best. Your Percentile Score is based on your last 180 days of participation, so each day your high-rating-over-number-of-entries is calculated and considered; but, each day, an old high-rating-over-number-of-entries is dropped off. Therefore, it is possible to add a good day but lose a better day and see a small drop.

Also note that like it and love it ratings are indeed weighted differently, so this is another factor.

To summarize, your Percentile Score is based on 180 days of participation, number of like its, number of love it, number of total entries, performance of your peers, rating strategy of individual CHs, and more. Therefore, you should not expect to see a day-to-day shift that is related to the number of high ratings you received within the last 24 hours. There’s simply much more too it.

Finally, as I’ve said before, your Percentile Score is a productive measure that we find helpful for the platform’s success. It is not an objective measure of your skill or worth–and we love you all equally :slight_smile:[quote=“Marvon7, post:1, topic:3516, full:true”]
Hey Everyone. I’m still pretty new to SH, and am trying to figure things out. One question for all of you is how often does your percentile score change? A few times a day? Once a day? I’ve been having issues with my score since I joined on Oct. 31. I didn’t even have a score at all until early in January (very frustrating). Then when I finally got a score (83%) it dropped like a rock over 2 weeks from 83% to 52% (Even after winning 5 contests)…Dropping me from Tier A totally. I was told it’s because of a few blocks from CH, but I think there’s more to it because my score has been stuck at EXACTLY 52.1% for 3 days!!! And this was after 2-3 love its and many like its. I’ve been having a percentile issue from the beginning and insist that my account is “broken” somehow. But because I’ve been having all these technical issues I feel like I’m annoying the SH staff. HELP!!! I feel so stuck and frustrated and I don’t want to be a pain for them, I just truly think all of this is NOT NORMAL. So, again, the question is how often does you percentile score change? Daily? Multiple times a day? Feeling stuck, Marvon


I have had this happen as well. I have also been blocked from a contest that was only up for a few hours and after submitting only a few entries, which followed the brief. I was blocked without receiving any feedback or ratings. Eventually the brief was updated to reflect the CH’s new preferences.
I have also been blocked and then received the “i like your direction, please submit more like this” comment and “like its” on previously submitted entries.
I love the counter idea. Since they make such a large impact on our score, we should be able to see this. We should at least be able to see our personal stats related to blocks.


I’m already so used to the “jumping” of my percentile that I began to relate to this philosophically)


ALSO, the reasons for getting banned from a contest aren’t always the Creative’s fault! In some cases, the CH will decide to shift direction or to use criteria he did not specify in his brief and simply exclude some creatives that failed to read his mind :grinning:. In these cases, the creative is penalized and has no fault. Also in these cases (and not only) being banned is not necessarily synonymous to “failing to meet the brief’s requirements” or “low quality submissions”.
So the true REASON for being banned is relevant to the impact such an action should have on the percentile, right? And not only the reason but the FAIRNESS of said reason.


Absolutely agree with DNFront. I believe that the percentile should depend only on the customer’s estimates.I also had contests where the CH first blocked me, and then suddenly began to love my entries, demanding more. Locks from the customer must be excluded from the percentile calculation algorithm.


Though I haven’t yet experienced much of what’s being discussed it’s clearly a serious problem. I feel your suggestion makes a lot of sense @Edukar - that is, the contest block should only mean that the CH doesn’t want to receive similar entries or has a different direction where some creatives are already doing a good job at. It’s like them saying I have too many cooks let me just go with these 5 who are doing great. It could also mean “I don’t want to waste more time all around” or “I’m almost at what I want and want to focus on a few”. That doesn’t mean the other cooks aren’t amazing themselves :)) Or maybe they just wanted to make pies today not pasta lol :slight_smile:


… also, CH that do not garantee the prize should not be able to block creatives OR their block should not affect the creatives percentile!


:thought_balloon:Just a thought… Since a “No Thank you” rating can really tank our percentiles perhaps requiring the CH to leave a certain length feedback would help. IMO this would deter CH’s from hastily handing out low ratings, it would improve the chances for Creatives to submit entries more in-line with the CH’s vision, which overall would improve the quality of the service we provide and they recieve.

If this isn’t a viable option then maybe just make the CH more aware of how the ratings affect us. My percentile took a major hit after I was told they loved half the name and received a moderate rating, my next few entries and the moderate rated one all received low ratings with no feedback as to what had changed. I lost my Tier A status, but I honestly believe if the CH knew the severely negative effects that had on my ability to work on the platform they would have either provided some explanation for the drastic change in opinion or at the very least wouldn’t have changed my decent rating and gone wild low rating the rest of my entries. And to be clear it’s not like I spammed them with tons more submissions, it was less than a handful, but enough to really hurt my score. Since we can’t discuss our rating with CH SH should, on our behalf, clearly explain the rating process and it’s effect on their contest and the creatives.


“No thank you’s” do not tank your percentiles. It is a combination of things including “Percentage of your total submitted entries that were liked or loved by contest holders.” A “no thank you” counts the same as a not rated entry.


I don’t submit a bunch of entries usually, but my score definitely seems to drop more with a few no thank you ratings as compared to it staying the same with no ratings. I’m fairly new yet and percentile score calculations are a little complex to me so I’m still trying to get a good understanding and strategy to keep my score up.


I’m sorry to keep bringing this issue back @grant, but it’s really upsetting me. This past month I made the top 25 both in ratings and contests won. Even so (!), it took me several weeks to increase my percentile in a dozen of points or so and in a couple of days I lost 10%! I imagine it must have been because of contest blocks. However:

  • We are still left in a blind spot because we have no idea if a block really happened, in which contest, and for what reason.
  • I still think the blocks are way too arbitrary to have such a powerful impact on our percentile.
  • Some CH might use the block for completely “unreasonable reasons” (like not wanting a particular word or type of name they didn’t even mention in their brief).
  • Some CH might block creatives because they decide to shift directions and fail to point that out on their brief.
  • Some CH might simply block creatives because they become overwhelmed with the quantity of entries (and that may not be connected with the actual quality of the same entries).
  • If we don’t know what was blocked and why, how can we improve or correct anything?
  • CH that do not guarantee the prize shouldn’t even be able to block Creatives or their block shouldn’t impact the percentile.


I agree, I understand why the blocks were created but it is already tough enough to try to guess what an individual may or may not like, not everyone expresses their thoughts and requests in the same way, or we may not have the same train of thought as they do. It’s somewhat a guessing game so to be docked when your are trying to please is frustrating.