Percentile Ranking Scores

(3/23/18) Hello, Creatives:

Apparently, our Percentile Ranking Score, which determines how many entries we receive for each contest, is based solely on a paradigm that includes only loves and likes as factors. As I understand it, a creative with NO wins, but with a high (over 65% possibly) percentage of wins and likes, can receive more entries than a creative with, say, 20 wins. Do you think the paradigm should include wins?


I think wins should be included.

I agree, wins should be included. A win says a lot more than a like.

I made this suggestion before, as I brought up some time ago that I felt it should be an amalgam of ratings and wins,as CH ratings alone give a skewed representation of naming abilities at times,and often times contests are won with no rating…but was told they were leaving it as is. So unless something has changed in the interim?

Aren’t wins scored as Love It’s in the ranking system?

It seems what you are trying to say is that a person with 20 wins is better than the person with 5 wins or 1 win or even 19 wins and that person should, therefore, enjoy more benefits.

You tell me which is the better creative mathematically? Creative One with 20 wins but their Number of Submissions per Win Ratio is 1 per 1,000 or Creative Two with 5 wins and a Number of Submissions per Win Ratio of 1 per 200? I would say the later, Creative Two. The number of wins per submission ratio indicates how effective the creative is in giving CH’s exactly what they want. The 20 wins could just mean the creative has been submitting names for several years or enters every contest that pops up. As the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The number of wins doesn’t indicate effectiveness or efficiency.

The total number of wins should not give people carte blanch to enter every name they can think of off the top of their head. Someone has to look at every name submitted and decide if it is something they are looking for. We have enough abandoned contests as it is without adding more work for the CH’s which will lead to more abandoned contests.


I don’t understand why this is an issue, creatives with over twenty wins already have permanent tier A status right? I know it might be hard to swallow when a brand new creative has a high percentage right off the bat, but being new doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. If a creative really wants to get their percentage score up, they submit fewer entries, not more.


Percentile scores are based on your ratings relative to other creatives, not just by themselves, so the system is automatically doing a comparison for that score. You can have a lower percentile rating even when you have lots of great contest ratings if other creative’s ratings are better than yours. The number of contests you enter also impact your ratings. The number of wins are already calculated in the second rating but not considered for entries. But the issue is really about the number of entries allowed based on our ratings. When we get a high rating in a contest, we get additional entries for that contest so that’s nice. I think maybe the bottom line is that the number of names we can enter might be something to reconsider without consideration of ratings. Maybe the minimum should be lifted a bit for everyone? Over time I know I have not submitted anywhere near my limit on the majority of contests. I imagine a lot of people don’t.

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It’s interesting that you mention the “second rating” which, I believe, involves only a rating based on wins. This “second rating” is largely irrelevant, from my perspective, because it neither awards nor detracts anything. So … of what value is this rating to anything or anybody?


I understand what you mean. It does tell us and contest holders where we stand in terms of wins compared to other contestants. Sometimes, that’s my only solace… :wink:

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Hi All,

As a reminder, your Percentile Ranking has an effect on your Number of entries, Tier A status, and Early access.

Here is an article about Percentile Ratings and how they are calculated:

Also, please note that On the right track, Like it, and Love it ratings are all considered in your Percentile Score (Love it weighted most heavily).

We appreciate your feedback on the current process. The Percentile Ranking Score has been reviewed with the community a few times in the past, and we will probably leave the algorithm as is at this time.