Percentile Ranking Score

Does anyone know how “seen but not rated” entries affect PRS? After the contest closing is it recommended to withdraw those or else? I’m a bit puzzled with how PRS works…

Withdrawing an already rated entry has no impact on your score. SH takes the higher rating and you do not get docked for a lower ranting after the fact. Unrated entries are all relative to everyone else. There is no need to withdraw any because once it is there, it is there.

I used to withdraw unrated names after contest closing bearing PRS in mind. But after facing domain registration of a withdrawn entry I plan to quit this practice. Especially since you explained unrated entries have no impact on PRS. Thanks, Commulinks!

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It’s just sort of a wasted effort. I did it for a while and after deleting a couple that I didn’t mean to withdraw, I stopped doing it.

I had a recent entry into a contest that was rated “liked” and then a few days later the CH went back and rated it “no thank you.” That of course reduced my ratings score. I think the ratings score should not be so harsh.

@Sandee - Your no thank you after that like wouldn’t cause your rating score to drop. SH uses the higher score to calculate your rating so the ratings are really based on the numbers associated with likes, loves and on the right tracks, not on No Thank Yous. And if you get downgraded, you keep the higher score on the entry. So your score goes up according to the number of likes, loves and on the right tracks you receive.

It is also relative to other contestants, I believe.

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