Percentile rank :(

Well… almost every other time I look at my percentile rank, it drops a couple more points. So disheartening. :pensive: Just thought I’d publicly lament for a minute, haha ugh :unamused:


its difficult to get it up (so to speak) unless you magically get high ratings on the majority of your entries


Think most long time users will be stuck in that 85-90% range, seems like only most (not all) newbies that come in on fire are the 95% and above,


Yesterday I was on 87,9% and today I woke up on 85,9%

Yep.I started out at 92% and have tumbled to an abysmal 89%. C’est La Vie, I guess!

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I really never worry about that. I just read the brief and enter the best names I can think of. If I were to constantly look at my ratings or the green wheel it could distract me from what is really important and that is finding that right name. :sunflower:


@LorinsEggshells I agree 99.9% with what you said.


@Front, what about that .01% lol

@LorinsEggshells Well… It just turned 100% now lol

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Why do we even have it then? Get rid of the green wheel!! :wink:


Yes !!! Get rid of that Green Wheel :slight_smile:


I can honestly say that before squadhelp, my internet time was 90% to facebook, and I knew that it gave me some kind of anxiety to be always looking at it… Now it is all about squadhelp, and I feel bad. I’m on my phone all day checking my mail, wanting to know if a CH changed brief, how did they rate me, my %, comments on contests, etc… It’s distracting and I know is affecting me. But I don’t have any talents to share on Fiverr, and certainly won’t waste my time on Freelancer’s contests… So this is the only reliable and legal way I know that I can make money (dollars) online. And it frustrates me that I have to do it because there’s no way I have a future in my country (Venezuela).

So I keep coming online, and checking my percentile rank, and try to stay in the big leagues (as if…) to have more chances to enter contests… I hate that I love it. It’s addictive when I get a “Like it” or “Love it” rating, and I just want more of that approval, and as the hopes to win increase, I keep my phone closer. I feel anxious, I feel the NEED to go online and check my points, I just want to save money and get out of this nightmare (country).

Sorry if not related to the topic… Just wanted to let it out…


It sounds you are already doing it full time. This is the site where you can really earn extra descent money compared to others like PTC and other time consuming site where you can only earn cents per hour.

I don’t do PTC… And yes, I’m “full-timing” it alongside college. This “extra money” that I have on paypal thanks to 3 contests, is more than my family savings. And still I can’t do much with it.

That really sucks, man. I hope you’ll win a lot of contests and improve your situation. But I think you shouldn’t count just on SH and concentrate all your time and effort here. It’s good for extra income and it’s certainly fun and challenging but you can’t make a living just from it and you’re competing against very talented people so you’re bound to lose more than you win. This may be a good solution for now and it’s great that it’s helping you but I think you need to make sure that you utilize your time properly (=making enough money in proportion to the time and effort you’re investing).

As a whole (and also referring to Kim’s original post), I think creatives here tend to take things too much to heart. Every point deduction, or overall rank drop or new feedback or a CH telling them that they like their entry and then choosing something else makes them frustrated as hell. And it’s absolutely pointless. There are so many contests now. Just move on to the next one. Or stay with the current one but accept that you’re here to be creative, suggest names, have fun, win some and lose some. I opted out of receiving e-mail updates a long time ago and I never look at my percentages. It doesn’t matter and all this obsessing over stats and falling in love with specific entries is counterproductive.

That’s my 2c, anyway. Good luck again, man. I hope things will work out for you.


Thank you, Moretal.

I had too opted out email notification, but discovered I didn’t notice when a brief changed or when the CH gave important feedback, so I recently turned them on again. Yes, I can’t make a living out of squadhelp with my current record of won contests, but if I were as prolific as @perfectlycromulent, things would be totally different, hahahaha. My main interest right now is getting out of college (btw, if any of you know where could I get an Electronics Engineering internship, that would be totally awesome and fully appreciated) and then leaving the country looking for a brighter future. I’m doing this because it pays, and it’s not cents but hundreds, that’s what makes me check the site over and over again…

Thank you for your kind words, concern and advise. :blush:


Yeah, PC had a crazy streak last month but I’m not sure that’s something that can be done on a regular basis. But it’s true that with the SH revamp and the crazy amount of contests here now, good money can be made here, more than ever before. But it does take a lot of talent, time, effort and luck.

I understand your approach about the updates. But my advice to you is not to waste too much time on one specific contest unless you feel you have a really strong chance of winning it or being a contender. With so many contests, you need to allocate your time properly and try to figure out which “horses” are more likely to get you a win.

I’m afraid I can’t help with the electronics engineering internship, BTW. Totally not something I know anything about. Hopefully somebody else can suggest something.

Would you mind me asking- How much time would you say you devoted up till now in order to win the 3 contests?

Funny story… I’m here since July 2015 I think, and I spent almost 2-3 hours a day before my first win… I saw that I won nothing so I decided to quit… Then, out of the blue, I won a contest and cashed in… That gave me hopes. Until I got bored and abbandoned again. And again I surprisingly won! Since then I’ve been 5+ hours daily on the computer and all day long on the phone, even when in classes…

So, I don’t have an accurate way of telling you how much effective time I’ve devoted, but this has consumed a large amount of daily time last 2-3 months…

I usually give contests 2 or 3 diverse-ideas entries and wait for ratings… Then I focus only on the ones I get “Likes” or consistent "Right Track"s…

Recently I didn’t win the “australian career” and the “coffee machine” contests in which I was top trending :frowning:


@JCaceres Hope things will work out well for you.


Thanks for the info. I think that once you get a like or a love maybe you should move on to the next contest and try to get one or more there instead of trying to get more of them in the same contest. When you have likes or loves, you have a decent chance of winning or getting shortlisted so the more contests you manage to get those in, you’re more likely to grab a win. At the moment you’re spending a lot of time in proportion to the amount of wins. Since this income is significant to you, then you need to figure out how to better allocate your time and effort between the different contests in order to maximize the profit/time equation.