Percentile Rank sinking like is no tomorrow

I understand that the percentile rank could change, but so so radically?.
I don’t know, a couple of days ago I had 85%, then 83%, then I submitted a bunch of entries and the CH hated them all, I understand that I lost some % for that, but today I got 77% !! (I was 78% yesterday), and I since yesterday I didn’t get so many “I don’t like it”, what going on?

Deketa, your percentage rankings have more than one part. They are based on your ratings but also as compared to other creatives. So even when you don’t get a lot of NTYs, if others are getting better ratings than yours, then your percentage can go down. And vice-versa, too. You can have a stellar day of loves and shortlists and your ranking won’t change and sometimes it even goes down. But it is all relative to how other creatives are being ranked.


Another thing to consider (someone please correct me if I’m wrong :grin:) is your percentages are based on the last 6 months of activity. So say 6 months ago you had a stellar day. When that stellar day drops off you could see a negative fluctuation in your percentages. Luckily it works both ways. If a cruddy day falls off your percentages could go up!

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Ok, but is still very very discouraging.

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Don’t let it get to you, Deketa. If you do, it will impact your work. It’s a viscous circle like that.

Dont let it get to you… I had some days where it was 78% then 80%… It just depends on how the CH is rating too. For example a CH Can change the brief and based on the changed brief rate… but I feel there should be a period to allow us to delete our entries after a brief change or “NEW DIRECTION HAS BEEN CHANGED”

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I know, trust me, I feel your pain! I was sitting comfortable in the upper 80s for a long time but recently I plummeted somehow and now I’m right on the cusp and have been for a week or 2, which means one day I’m tier A and the next I’m not…LITERALLY, EVERY OTHER DAY :upside_down_face:

I will try, but is hard, I can’t participate in really good contests anymore, I feel discouraged.

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Yes, but I new, I’m here from the middle of December, and my percentile was fine until it go down, just in a couple of days!, not sure if that is normal.
It’s possible I was sanctioned for some reason?.

If you have only been here since December… please do not worry about this! NO, SH does not sanction on scores. They use an algorithm to calculate scores. Let it go, Deketa! Seriously! You will climb out.

Thanks you all!, I feel better now :relaxed:


not sure where to post this and don’t want to start a new thread for a small ? I have been out of the loop for about a year (had a very hard pregnancy) anyway…why/how is there sometimes more shortlisted names than loved. Why would the contest holder shortlist and not love? I thought if a name was shortlisted it was automatically loved. Just curious…Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

They might have shortlisted some “Like It” entries too

sometimes CH’s “loved” and shortlisted the entry and then reduce score to “like” or even “NTY” . And sometimes this entry stays in the Shortlist. Saw that many times.

@my2cents - A shortlisted name should be automatically given a Love it rating. However, it is possible that a shortlisted name can receive a Love it rating automatically, which is then changed by the CH. We’d be happy to look into a few specific examples to see if it’s a technical issue on our end. Please use the Blue Button on any page of to report the issue.

Hello, Grant. The issue is if the entry was given LoveIt rating and shortlisted at first, but then the entry’s score has been changed by CH (e.g. to “LikeIt” or even “ORT” or “NTY”), this entry may stay shortlisted. I saw this a lot of times, but now can’t find the examples. I suppose CH may just forget to make changes in the Shortlist after re-scoring.

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Or it could be two or more people actually rating the submissions. A nice feature would be for us to know how many are rating our submissions? We assume one person is rating, but sometimes there is an assistant who rates and another person higher up on the corporate ladder who is actually making the final decision. And there are other possibilities as well.

Thanks!, yes could be that, and maybe is caused by drastic rating changes?, I had a couple of I love it changed to No thank you.

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Rating changes do not impact your score. SH uses your highest rating.

Thanks! Will send a screen shot when I get a chance…