Percentile changing overnight


Hi everyone
I’ve been on Squad help since last April and I never properly introduced myself.
My name is Teresa and I’m half Portuguese, half Spanish
I am posting for the first time in this forum, hoping to get some help either from Grant or from other creatives who have been around for longer than I have.

When I first received my percentile score (96%) I was thrilled, even though I had received many loves and likes in the past, I truly wasn’t expecting such a high score.
I kept submitting names and learning from other creatives (and the platform itself). My score hovered around that number for some months (if I’m not mistaken).
One day it dropped to 90% even thought I was (I believe) getting better day by day (I am not bragging lol, I actually hardly ever win a contest)
Then one day, almost overnight, it nosedived down to under 80% (actually 78% something).
I reached to SH, and they sent me the links on info on how the percentile score works (which I had already read a few times). I understand how the algorithm works, or at least I understand the version of the algorithm SH wants me to understand.

Anyway, I kept submitting names and slowly, but steadily, my percentile rose to almost 80% (It was 79.40% or something like that).
Then a couple days ago, after being shortlisted in a few more contests (I am used to being shortlisted to end up losing. I am sure a lot of you know the feeling. Such is life!:grinning:), I signed in (hoping the % would be on its way to 80%), and I couldn’t believe my eyes… My score shot down to 59%, making me lose my Tier A benefits in the process.
I just want to understand how this is possible given that I’ve been in the leaderboard (High ratings) since my first month. I started out being in ‘‘Rising stars’’ and kept in the ‘‘normal’’ ‘‘High ratings’’ leader board since then. In the last couple of months I got on the ‘‘Contests won’’ leaderboard. My average number of entries per contest is (according to SQ) 4. I constantly receive the ‘‘Rock star’’ message. ‘‘I’m on a roll!’’

But I go down 20% overnight?

I understand I was ‘‘blocked’’ from a contest. As far as I know, that’s the second time that’s happened to me. The first time, I was shortlisted and blocked at the same time. It didn’t make any sense to me. If a CH ‘‘loves’’ a name and actually shortlists it, why block the creative? Is it fair to end up being highly harmed because of something like this?
I am now under 59% and because I only won 7 contests, I lost all Tier A benefits.

I love SH, or else I wouldn’t be around, but I don’t think this is a fair situation.
How can I be on 2 leaderboards (High ratings and contests won) and lose 20% of my score overnight? It didn’t take a few weeks or a few days, it was overnight.
I believe @DN Front also posted about this,… I also believe my account is jinxed somehow.
This is highly demotivating.

So, with all of this I am asking for help, both to @Grant and my fellow creatives, who have been here for longer than I have.
Thank you very much and all the best wishes to every single one of you.


Your Percentile Score is based on:

  • your last 180 days of participation
  • your number of like its
  • your number of love its
  • your number of total entries
  • rating strategy of individual CHs
    and more.


Thank you so much for your response @LisaMac , nevertheless that is exactly why I don’t understand the reason for going down the hill, overnight :slight_smile:️, as I wrote in my post.


I sincerely sympathize with you. I have a higher physical and mathematical education, but I still do not know how the percentile is calculated, since I do not know the exact formula. The same situation happened to me a couple of years ago, when my percentile fell overnight from 65% to 45%. I thought this was the end, this is the bottom, but I overcame myself and continued my work/ I still have not reached the initial value. I can advise you not to despair, not to lose heart, but to work long and hard to achieve the goal. I believe that you will succeed!


Thank you so much for your response :slight_smile:@Edukar . Thank you for your support and kind words, really. I have been so demotivated for the last couple of days, that I almost didn’t submit any names. Thank you. All the best!


@Porti. I think alot of it has to do with the major increase of new creatives over the last few months. I do believe that they are not currently accepting new creatives.

Also, as your having good rating days, your older good rating days are falling off your 180 day base. This happens daily, since percentiles are only based on the past 180 days. Not sure if I explained this correctly.


Of course you did @LisaMac but, still, if I’m consistently on the leaderboards , aka receiving “high ratings”, it’s weird.
Thank you though :slight_smile:️ all the best!