Pending Winner Selction


Why is ‘Pending Winner Selection’ so important that it is always checked? I am by no means as active as many others but if I had to guess, I would say that I have to uncheck that box next to ‘Pending Winner Selection’ 25 times a week or more. It’s just simply annoying to have to uncheck that box over and over everytime I visit the site to search for active contests.

How Would You Improve The Site?

I have posed the same question in this forum several times,with no response. I feel it is totally annoying and unnecessary also.It’s alot better to add it if you want it,then have to continually uncheck it.Glad I am not alone in this.


I think as we share and voice opinions to make the site better they will see them and make changes … I think that it will all work out… litlle by little change by change


agree with all of you


I was just about to post this very same question, when I found this older thread. Every time (as of November 2019) I click on Active Contests, the page loads with Pending Winner Selection checked. So, every time, I have to unchecked it and reload the page. Very annoying, and it’s apparent that nothing got done about this since the original post is almost two years ago! Anyone else bugged by this?


Yes I totally agree this is annoying :joy: