Pending Name now in Marketplace


I have a high rated name which is in a contest still pending. Someone also thought of the name, submitted it Marketplace where it was accepted. What happens now? If the CH picks my name will they have to pay the marketplace price? It will dash chances of winning if it does. @grant


@LauraE If the name was independently thought of by someone else and registered, unfortunately we do not have much recourse in that situation. If the CH still wishes to proceed with the name, we can discuss this with the other creative to see if they would be willing to offer a substantial discount (especially if the name was recently registered).

You can report the name via blue button along with the contest URL so we can look into this further.


Thank you Grant, I’ll do that!!


Per SH: "Domain Marketplace - Entry Submission Policies

Policies for creatives regarding submitting entries to domain marketplace
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In order to allow fair participation in the SH Domain Marketplace, the following rules apply when it comes to submissions to Marketplace:

If your name is currently part of an active or pending naming contest, it cannot be submitted to the Marketplace by you or any other creative if that entry has received a Love It rating, or if it is currently being shortlisted in that contest. Note: This rule does not apply for creative owned domains. "

This creates a problem in contests. If Laura gets a “Love it” rating, she cannot submit her name to the marketplace. If someone else in the contest comes up with the same name they get a heads up (FROM SH) that another creative has thought of that name. So creatives are stuck, but someone who is also a domainer gets a heads up that if they like the name someone else does too so hurry and register it. Isn’t that heads up a sort of non-disclosure issue? SH cannot stop people from registering, but it can stop giving them an advantage.


Thanks, @wordLabyrinth , for your help. I don’t remember seeing this. My submission does not have a love but liked. I don’t think there are any loves in that contest.


@wordLabyrinth In your example, the second creative has no way of knowing whether the previously submitted name in the contest received any interest or Likes from the CH. It could be a name that received a no thank you rating as well. Therefore, we do not believe such information can lead to any form of advantage or misuse.

Are you suggesting that we no longer block the creatives from submitting duplicate submissions that were already submitted into contests?


Can I make a suggestion? Could SH change the block that include likes as well as loves? I don’t think my name will be chosen now since the name is now in the marketplace.


No, the pop ups that say something like “this name or a similar name has already been submitted in this contest” and prevent the same entry from being entered into the same contest is needed for obvious reasons.

If someone sees that maybe they register the name, maybe they don’t.

What I see a problem with is the newer alert, that gives information like “4 other creatives have submitted this to 7 other contests.” Now someone *knows that several other people have thought of the same name and entered it. They they have new information when making decisions and might be more motivated to register it because now they KNOW multiple others in SH are entering it. It makes the name look more “valuable” and creates a sort of urgency for someone who might have previously been on the fence about registering that name. For those of us who are not domainers and are not comfortable venturing out and learning the complexities of registering names on our own etc, it seems that we are at a disadvantage. And the disclosures given by SH contributes to that disadvantage.