Pending Best Entry Submission

Based upon earlier feedback, we have now added the ability to quickly find those contests where you have not yet submitted your best entries. This can be especially useful for those contests which are “Pending Winner Selection” and you have not yet submitted your Best Entries.

On the Active Contests page (bottom left), you will see a filter “Pending Best Entry Submission”. You need to be logged in to see that filter option. Once you select that option, you will see only those contests where you have not yet submitted a Best Entry. You can also combine with this with other filters such as “Pending Winner Selection” to easily find only those contests which have closed but a winner has not selected.


Question for you, @Dan. Do the points get subtracted immediately after we select a submission as best entry? ***Also if we withdraw a submission that we selected as a best entry, do we get our points back?

Wondering because if there isn’t a way we are able to change our minds on something we selected for best entry, then I’d like to suggest that sh make that possible.

Thank you, Dan.

@kral, yes the points get subtracted immediately upon best entry submission. If you withdraw your entry at a later time, the points are not refunded back. This is built like this to avoid any excessive changes or resubmissions of best entries, which will dilute the entire premise behind best entries.

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@Dan: It would be more beneficial to the contestants to at least have the ability to change our minds about that particular entry or selecting a best entry at all, without being subject to losing our points. Plus there is always a chance of human error, where someone has selected the wrong one by mistake.

Thanks for listening.
Respectfully, S.K.

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I learned the hard way Kral about accidental best entries, Oh well ) I believe best entries were not designed to use on every contest anyway but to be used to highlight for SH on non awarded contests or the contest where your (in your heart best name) name was caught in that dead zone of non ratings and you feel it should be considered.
I think having the ability to “pull” a best entry defeats the purpose otherwise they will get overused and under utilized. This is just my personal opinion and not fact per say

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@seezall, I agree with you about the best entry not being suited for every contest, though I fail to see the justification in the ability to “pull” a best entry and how it defeats the purpose as you say or how then they will get overused and under utilized.

If we could be allowed to pull them immediately or before the contest ends, then I don’t see the harm. Unless I’m missing something from SH’s new points system “formula”, I don’t understand the big deal.

Hi kral, by overused I think I meant that using best entry as a visibility tool, meaning I haven’t gotten rated so I use my best entries ( get low ratings) so then I pull them and add another 2 for visibility. Hope that makes sense. By doing that it under utilizes what best entry was made for 1) un-awarded contests where admin picks the winner and you want your entry in the running 2) and those cases where you really feel you nailed the name according to CH direction and Brief. The only thing I wish they changed was (especially from entry submit page) a secondary are you sure feature on best entry. I accidently hit best entry on my first submit where you also have to hit the "all of my work is my own…) button. So a “are you sure” you want this as best entry button would be nice once you use it you lose it.


@seezall, @kral:

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We will incorporate an additional confirmation popup in submit entry page to minimize accidental submission of Best Entries.


YES! an ‘are you sure pop up’ would be great…I just accidentally did it again today grrrrr!!!

if you accidentally tap anywhere near the direction of that box it marks it as best entry :frowning:

@seezall, Thanks for clarifying, I hadn’t considered people using it to get noticed and the part about changing it after a low rating. Good points-well taken. Thank you again.

@Dan, I appreciate the efforts you and sh go to inorder to make sh the productive place that it is.
Big thanks.

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I’ve starred some “Best Entries” in closed contests, and have noticed that winner selection has been pretty much how it used to be before changes to the site; the contestant whose name is shown first as “Trending” has been winning these contests. I don’t have a problem with that, and I thought “Best Entries” was a great idea when I first heard about it. It just seems to be more effective to star the entries in closed contests where ratings were never given. I can’t speak for other contestants, but it seems to be a waste of points to star entries if the top-trending contestant is going to win these contests anyway.


I feel the same way Auntie, Not to say that most names picked aren’t suitable(within brief), but I also thought even with a few rated entries some better unrated starred entries “could” be out there. Would be nice to know that using the 50 points is not done in vain, It also defeats the purpose of using best entries if they will always lose to a rated entry even if their are only a few rated at three stars. I understand more credence being given to some 4 star entries or higher, but even then a late to the party namer could still have a great name that sat unrated.

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That was a perfect way to put it, Seezall: “In vain.”

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@auntshommy, @seezall - thanks for sharing the feedback. We evaluate every best entry in addition to the top rated entries before making the decision. However, since it is a subjective decision, I appreciate that you might feel differently about who could have been the winner. At the end of the day, our goal is to minimize the number of unawarded contests so that our role in deciding a winner is not required for the most part.

I hope you don’t form this opinion based on 1 or 2 contests, and let this play out for some time. Hopefully, you will find that we are as fair as we can be in deciding the winners. However, if you are still concerned about this aspect, it is understandable if you would only nominate best entries for those contests where no ratings have been given by CH.

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Yes Dan that is all understood and I’m sure its not easy to pick the winner sometimes. If you have noticed or not I have only submitted a few best entries for contests that have been un-awarded and do not enter all of them, I go by a little criteria (my ratings, % rated entries, did CH stop rating after day 1 etc…) I have for myself or if I genuinely feel I nailed it.
Actually I think most unawarded names That were picked by Admin have been spot on ( So Props to You All) I believe I only took issue with 1 which I posted about on another thread and no need to rehash that here. But that’s what prompted my question in the first place about using Best entries were their were any ratings even just a few 3’s. I appreciate your time and above answer sincerest regards, Seezall

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I agree. I think SH is being fair in awarding old contests to the highest rated entries. It’s just that using points if I don’t have the top rated entry or entries seems wasteful to me. I will continue to use them in contests that never had any ratings.

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Maybe a name change would be good, say Nominated Entries?

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