"Pending Best Entry" filter not working?

I overlooked one of the “Best Entry” e-mails, so I wanted to check to make sure there were no more that I missed, but when I use the filter, nothing comes up. I thought there was at least one contest still in “Best Entry” mode, but maybe not…?

@Therold, here it is: https://www.squadhelp.com/domainContest/5209/Name_for_Horticulture/Hydroponics_Products_Brand#tab-1

Also Therold, if you marked an entry for that contest it will no longer come up on that tab since you already have one marked, additionaly if you go to submission dashboard you will see now the last column will show all contests you have a Best entry in,

I see, I didn’t realize it wouldn’t appear on the list if I had already marked a best entry, but that makes sense!

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Glad that helped you )))))

ive actually missed loads - im unsure which are considered now without best entrying,it used to be 4s and 5s, but we dont really know since the changes

I think Likes and Loves get automatic consideration, but maybe SH can answer for sure?

would be magic to actually know

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Yes, likes and loves automatically get considered.