Paypal loses trust, more payment methods?

Hello all! My issues with Paypal brought me to write this post and I wanted to see what the admins think of my suggestion and if other people experienced issues with Paypal.

It would be ideal and fantastic if more payment methods would be included. Like Skrill, Payoneer, even the bank account or the personal card to be added…etc.

Because Paypal begins to lose trust and more clients everyday because of their errors, and account limitations. Their customer service is very bad and many people complain about it. Even I have problems with them. Because of paypal’s limitations without any apparent reason, now I can’t send or withdraw money. And I am not the only one, based on what I read online. Maybe here are people that experienced the same issue?

I assume the admins have other things to take care of, regarding the site, but this would be a fantastic update and change, and very useful for people like me that experience unfair problems with paypal. Because in fact, if we can’t withdraw our earned money, then why participate in contests after all? And if more people here will experience limitations with paypal, then Squadhelp will also experience some problems, and we don’t want this, of course.


I deeply agree with this…more payment methods should be included…


Paypal is very difficult. I have not had issues with them recently but I do have other reasons why I would prefer not to give them my business and would love more options.


Very true! PayPal has very strict rules and I’ve had issues with them for the umpteenth time. Honestly, if we can’t withdraw money through PayPal, there should be other alternatives. I believe PayPal is a very fickle way to withdraw your hard-earned money. I don’t see any reason to spend a ton of time freelancing when I can’t have access to my earnings. It would be fair to everybody, Paypal savvy or not for Squadhelp to include other payout methods.


I agree…I’ve had several issues with Paypal. Very difficult getting a resolution via phone and especially via internet. It takes lots of time and frustration when an issue arises. An alternative would be great!!!


@RachelSH please can we get a quick response on this?..Thanks