Payout stuck with "submitting request.. please wait"


I won a contest, provided everything that was asked to confirm my identity, w8 ben, etc (got no feedback though?), and now, after a few weeks, clicked on the “Request payout” button. And it just says “submitting request… please wait” for more than 20 minutes. Is that usual?

I’ve tried it with Chrome and Firefox with same results.

@GraphGraph press the blue chat button and ask SHadmin. They’ll be able to help you with this. It might just be a glitch.

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it takes three days or more in my case;-) have you provided the extra photo id and bill with your address on ? the payment section doesnt say but you have to provide that as well

That happens to me all the time but the payout actually worked. You can check your pending payouts in your profile to see if it “took”…

I provided the scans of my ID card (front and back) and a letter from my bank with my home address. All of it is actually a bit more than what’s usually required when I write bills etc. But no feedback at all makes me wonder how organized is the system when handling my personal data.

The interface could be more transparent than showing “submitting request… please wait” for three days or more?

Graph: SH does ask us to verify our accounts with Paypal and Payoneer. Have you done that step? It is best to use the blue button for these problems, by the way.

you could ask via the blue button in the right hand corner of contest page for a quick answer…I also sent my documents using the blue button and they told me they had the info in about two seconds

Got it solved - I had re-verified my Paypal account, but turned out I had to do it again.
Big thanks to the helpdesk!