Payout Request Timeline Update


people like me (struggling to win but always getting turned down and frustrated) always are not considered when making changes on SH, it came all the way from tier status , now to payout request timeline.


Since the withdrawal terms have increased, I propose to change the Payoneer method of sending payments from immediate to standart. Payment is transferred within a long space of time (7 days), but the fee is charged as for immediate withdrawal ($ 3 for each withdrawal). Better yet, let people choose their own Payoneer payment method (immediate or standart).


It’s just waaaaaaaay too long! :persevere::slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah I totally agree with @AvramChe, I think some(or most) of the problem has to do with CHs being less informed.

• I’ve seen cases where CHs would publicly post the entries of other contestants just to point others in the right direction,
• I’ve also seen cases where the winning entry picked by the CH would be a misspelling of an entry previously submitted to the contest by another contestant i.e the winning entry was misspelled because the SH system detected and rejected the submission of the name twice, And the painful aspect :confused: is the fact that the CH picked the later entry( :frowning:️ happened to me once).
There are so many other issues that are caused because CHs aren’t aware that they’re violating SH policies(or who knows? 🤷maybe some do it intentionally).
Anyway I think this problem can be solved if there’s an Orientation system regarding SH policies embedded into the CHs User Interface or Dashboard i.e
• An introductory video regarding policies(idk if this is already in place) or
• A popup system (or message bot🤖) for every action that has a policy e.g when a CH is about to click the button to post a public comment in a contest, The comment posting policy should popup in a box on the screen or if a CH is about to pick a winner, a box containing the SHs winning name selection policy/criteria should popup.

That’s just my opinion regarding this matter…funny enough this is my first post and I think it’s quite a lot​:thinking:(I guess it’s because this policy doesn’t favor me and I just had to pour out my :heartbeat:…lol)


Please do it in the case of logo design.7 days is really a long period to get the money. We have joined squadhelp since the payout processing is fast. For domain registration i think there is no violation of rule since its just a name. If a violation happens, please punish the culprits but not all by expanding the payout time like this.


7 working days is very punitive for creative work especially when you need money urgently, but anyway I understand and adhere to your policies.

Hopefully, there will be new ways to deal with such matters, so as to motivate creative work more because I think somehow that limits and can cause the business to lose very good creatives especially those who have other online platform on which they work and the payouts are much faster.
Thank you


Thank you for this feedback. The seven-day timeline will be reduced after you request a few payouts with us. We have some additional checks in place to make sure that contests are awarded correctly and fairly. Given that we are a crowdsourcing site, it is important that we have these measures in place to protect the integrity of the platform. While there may be a slight delay with the first few payouts, that goes away over time.


Makes a lot of sense. At the end of the day, you have to ensure that Peter isn’t horribly inconvenienced in order to penalize Paul.
I am sure that with the kind-hearted leadership, we have here, issues are resolved with great love and care.