Payout Request Timeline Update


Right, LinkedIn, Facebook. Now I am more confused.


I’ve read those but never heard of any contests being re-awarded, so I guess I didn’t really think about it. Interesting stuff…



Good question. The social media profiles are available to allow contest holders and creatives to share a bit more context/background about themselves (if they choose to), which also leads to a greater transparency in the platform.

Our platform caters to many contest holders who use Non Disclosure Agreements, and many of these customers are extremely sensitive to creatives engaging in any discussions about their projects outside SH platform. This is one of the several reasons we have strict restrictions in place to ensure that all communication among users occurs within the SH platform.


@grant I had situations where someone wanted my opinion regarding SH, we connected on LinkedIn and later they opened a contest. Also, I often share my marketplace domains on social networks and I am sure I have connections that are SH related, especially on linkedIn. Some creatives have amazing Instagram profiles and I love their work, so I follow them. Is all that against policy? If so please let me know, I don’t want to get myself or anyone else in trouble.

EDIT: None of the personal info was exchanged on SH, just to be clear.


@AvramChe, The policy regarding contacting users outside Squadhelp platform applies to scenarios where the contact would have otherwise violated SH messaging policy. Following are some of the examples that would result in a violation:

  • Contacting a CH via Social Media (such as LinkedIn, Facebook), and offering to sell your services to them directly.
  • Contacting a CH via Social Media and confronting them about ratings, or asking them why they did not select a winner
  • Contacting another creative via Social Media and harassing them about their contest wins.
  • Sending multiple messages to other users via social media which might be considered Spam.

Some of these scenarios have actually happened - and when these are reported, we take immediate action.


@grant thank you for clarification, and I completely agree with taking action in such situations.


Wow, people actually do this?:confused:




You listed abuses. What if someone just wants to reach out to another creative for friendship? We use to be able to do that some time ago.


I’m just reading and catching up on some things as it’s been a while since coming in here.
Per what Laura asked, I have been here years and I remember when we were able to contact each other. I have made lifelong friends here that I am so grateful to know. Sharing our kids accomplishments along with their tragedies. People I talk to every single day. Why can we no longer do that?
I think as we are all adults we can handle if someone harasses us. We either block them or report them. It’s not a big deal.
So I’m really not clear on why the isolation of creatives and for the pay delay. It just seems so unnecessary and school yard.
Just my personal opinion.


We currently do not have any specific policy that prohibits users from connecting with each other via social media if they prefer to do so mutually and outside SH platform. As stated previously, that outside contact must not lead to SH policy violations (such as engaging in discussions about contests protected by NDA, unsolicited contact, spam etc). Having said that, you can not ask users via SH messaging system for their contact information (such as email address, phone numbers or social media profiles) or share your own contact information with them.

If you happen to connect with other users via social media, please ensure that your communication does not violate any SH policies, or the policies of the social network. Accidentally discussing NDA protected SH contests with anyone other than the contest holder, can lead to a potential violation of the NDA between you and the contest holder.

Thanks for your feedback. Our platform is used by thousands of startups as well as multi-billion corporations who are trusting us with protecting the confidentiality of their projects that might not be publicly announced yet. We can not have a policy which allows 75,000+ creatives to share their personal contact information and openly communicate with each other outside the SH platform - as this can lead to a significant risk and legal exposure for our platform as well as creatives. This is just one of the several reasons why we have these restrictions in place.

We understand that by making the social media profiles visible on our platform, it can also lead to such potential issues. We will be revisiting this feature in the near future.


Thank you @grant. There has been a slew of people who are going through hard times here that I, and no doubt others, have wanted to connect with to give encouragement. I’m saddened that we can’t share personal info here but can understand SHs position. Lori made a good point about forming friendships at SQ. , those of us who have been here when we could message each other have made lasting friendships and I would like to think others might make new friends here too where we all have so much in common.

I understand and fully agree with the policy for discussions regarding NDAs. My lips are sealed!


In truth, it is quite difficult for me to grasp the essence of all the nuances of my favorite site. Firstly, because the legal and legal mentality of a foreign audience (I live in Russia) and your notions about the rules and their violations are not very familiar to me. And although I try even minimally not to violate local rules as such, I still do not exclude that this may happen unintentionally. Is it possible in this case, the “rule of the first and last warning” explaining the essence of the violation? I really would not want to lose the opportunity to work for you because of a stupid misunderstanding!


All policy-violation warnings given by Squadhelp include an explanation. If you ever receive a warning and would like more clarification on the specific policy, feel free to discuss this with our Customer Service Team.

However, it is important for Creatives to invest the time in educating themselves on Policies laid out in our Terms of Service and Help Articles.


@littodino Can you please tell us what you found out?


I don’t think I’m allowed to share specific details about a contest. :frowning: I feel like even if I describe it o would break the rules.


@littodino it’s ok. I understand. Just wondering if it was a winning name or something else. Thanks. :wink:


Winning names that violated policies Haha.


The first rule of SH is that you do not talk about SH.
The second rule of SH is that you do. not. talk. about. SH…
Love that film!


@grant, is messaging policy violation part of the payout? Or only winning policy? I’m curious to know because I can see messaging policy in part of the link attached


Good plan SH.
My issue is that CH is given too much time to choose a winner. I mean 30 days.Then the contest still has to wait some days to fall in into the 1st or 15th of the month for a “Cha Ching” situation, then money gets splitted up to the highest rated creatives. Then there is still an additional 30 days after the money has been splitted up for the CH to still come and change his mind to choose a winner. I mean that is 60-70 days to choose a winner??? oh c’mon SH that is too much time on the CH. There are contests just being abandoned and we have to wait that long before we know it is fully cleared… PLEASE REDUCE THE TIME FRAME