Payout Request Timeline Update


@Vivegoodkarma. I don’t think it makes a difference whether you take the money after each contest or you let it accumulate. I request mine once a month most times.
Although 7 days may sound unfair…but having to pay back a win because of an issue would be worse.


It would be 7 days after you request a payout, if I understand Grant correctly


I found 2 or 3 in the past month. I don’t know if there are others.


What kind of policies are they violating to win? I guess I don’t understand what issues they are looking for? Just using a name that is suggested in the listing?


There are a number of rules that contestants have to adhere to and if you break them in a contest, you can lose the win. I’d have to go search for he policy… but a couple of them are entering a name that was in the brief or public message, submitting premium domains outside of SH marketplace, having private conversations with CHs to gain advantage…


@tristine24 In the past there have been creatives who have belittled or argued with contest holders over their ratings. In turn some of these contest holders have cancelled their contests due to unprofessional behavior by creatives. I assume some just abandon their contests and dont come back.
And on the other end, we have had contests cancelled because of fraudulent payments made by the contest holders. My only advice would be to go to the rules page for creatives. Its all outlined there


I am curious why a creative who receives money that should not have been awarded cannot have their account made negative until the money is returned, as @Commulinks suggested. I’m not trying to second-guess Squadhelp, but I know I hate to see a negative balance when I have a marketplace renewal deducted, so I’m sure having a negative balance of hundreds would be a big deterrent to cheating for anyone.


We appreciate everyone’s feedback, and we understand the impact any delays in payouts might have.

In our experience, asking for refund from creatives after they have been paid is not ideal, and it is much cleaner to handle any changes in winner selection prior to the distribution of funds.

Having said that, we certainly want to minimize any impact to those creatives who have consistently followed our policies.

As a result, we will make the following changes to our payout policy:

  1. If you have won 5 or more contests in the past, and do not have any policy violations in the last 3 months, you will not see any additional delays in your payouts.

  2. If you are new, have won less than 5 contests, or have one or more policy violations in the last 3 months, you will likely see an additional delay in your payout which can range from 3 to 7 days.

If SH determines that a creative’s winning submission violated any of our policies, they will be required to refund the payout back to SH (if you have already been paid) within 48 hours (to avoid a permanent suspension of the account).

As a reference, I am including a link to our Rules and Guidelines for entry submissions as well as our messaging policy here:


Awesome! I think this is a great compromise.:):grin:


And again SH shows it’s the only platform that listens to creatives’ opinions.


Thank you so much for reconsidering. It’s greatly appreciated.


Thanks @grant

Once again I feel glad to be a part of Squadhelp even if I haven’t won anything recently. A little bit of consideration for those most loyal to you goes a long way.

Even if they might not be winning much lately, the long term creatives who have stayed with SH through the thick and thin (Of their personal lives and SH) are its greatest asset IMHO.


I knew you guys would come up with a solution!


Thank you Grant ~SH~ such a good solution and is very appreciated.


Thank you so so much @grant @Darpan and SH Team, for listening to us:). That’s a fantastic compromise. The power of acting v/s reacting…Thank you! The sun is shining again! Woohoo!!!


@grant Can you clarify this part please:

Cannot share personal information: You are not allowed to share personal information such as email address or phone numbers using private messaging.

This is only related to CH’s correct? It is not clear to whom/what this relates to. I am assuming it is only for the CH, correct?


I believe it’s for the creatives. You cannot give a CH your private email or phone number to communicate outside of SH. Conflict of interest, I’m sure.


I understand creatives not giving info to CH. I just want to be clear, as it is pretty vague. This is not meant for creatives to creatives, correct?


As per our Terms of Service, sharing of personal information such as email addresses, or phone numbers is not allowed between any users of SH platform. This policy has been in place for a long time and it is stated in the Code of Conduct section of our Terms of Service


I don’t have any problem with this policy, but I do have a question. Why is there an option to list twitter handles, etc. on our profiles? If zero outside contact between any platform users (creatives or CHs) is the goal, I’m curious what the purpose of listing social profiles would be.