Payout Request Timeline Update


Payout requests will now be processed after 7 days of Payment Request.

Over time, situations continue to arise where extenuating scenarios (such as policy violations) require a change of the contest winner after a contest is closed.

Often times, these situations are brought to our attention after the winning entry is displayed on the Winner Board. The new extended timeline for payouts will allow us to better prevent situations where funds are distributed when they in fact should not have been, especially due to policy violations.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue to roll out changes that will protect the overall integrity of our platform.


Oh man, this really, really is problematic. Once again, we all have to be severely inconvenienced because of bad players on the field. This in particular is a problem for me. There has to be another way.


Is this only applying to contest money withdrawals, or marketplace money as well?


Hmmmmmn, I’m not sure this is fear enough, 7 days is too much and many people will be affected by it. Although I’ve never win a contest here, I love reading from the forum and contributing, however, I’m not sure 7 days payment awaiting is transparent enough


If there are a few bad apples, there’s no need to cut down the tree. People who already won contests and/or sold domains at the marketplace shouldn’t be punished. I hope SH will target only problematic users instead, and resume prompt release of funds to all the good folks around here.


Thanks for the feedback. We certainly recognize and appreciate the importance of processing payouts as fast as possible. In fact, our goal has always been to process most payouts within 24 hours of when they are requested.

However, at the same time, it is extremely important for us to ensure that all users are following our policies consistently to ensure a fair outcome for everyone. While some of the recent violations have been from new users who may not fully understand all the policies, several of the violations have also been from Tier A creatives.

At this point, we can not limit this policy only to a specific group of users, and we believe it is important to give enough time for other contest participants to flag any potential issues before a winner is paid out. We also conduct our own internal reviews, and given the large amount of contests and submissions, it can take few days for us to find any potential issues with contests.

We will do our best to not delay marketplace related payouts, but for now we will keep the 7 day rule for all contest wins. We will continue to look for additional ways to reduce this delay while ensuring a fair contest process for everyone.


So can adjustments be made per contest win? I like to let mine add up sometimes and do a payout but there are times I really need the money and will do an immediate payout how is banking it and payouts handled can we request a payout per winning?


How much money and contests are we talking about on a monthly basis here? The reason I ask is because thousands of us are being penalized for the few. You hold thousands of dollars of creatives’ money daily. Many of us only request a payout once a month. This is an over-reaction. Why wouldn’t SH take the money out of your share of the contests in question instead? And run those creative’s accounts negative until the money is repaid? This is what I think should be done. It is not up to me to make up money for another creative by waiting for mine.


I hope the creatives who have violated Squadhelp’s submission policies will receive some type of suspension or reduced participation privileges. Otherwise, it seems we are all paying an equal penalty for the actions of a few.


This is just bad. These days I don’t like to complain, but this is not fair at all to the many seasoned veteran users who do their best to comply with Squadhelp guidelines and please CHs while being not rewarded most of the time.

Tier A creative means nothing as many newer users can get in because of the way percentile ratings work. I am talking about creatives who have been here for years and do their best to comply and do what is best for SH and CHs. People fully willing to co-operate in case of any problems and resolve matters as SH directs, because continued SH participation means more to them in the longer run than money from one contest or whatever.


My big thing is I dont understand what is causing this…because they locked down the domain policy when it comes to displaying wining names I am confused


@Vivegoodkarma if a contestant wins a contest and SH learns they violated a policy in order to win, the contestant has to give the money back and it is given to another contestant. It’s not domain registrations… it’s other things. Also, I believe you can set you account up to pay out automatically per win.


so would it be 7 days after the win? I am just learning this


7 days is too long :frowning:


This is a long time. I am not sure about other countries but in Canada, it can take up to 5 business days for Paypal to process the payout and then up to another 5 business days to transfer into an account so it could be 17-21 days.


@ChristyMay That is a very long time for you! :frowning_face:


I am assuming it’s 7 working day for SH to process a payout. Add another 7 working days four PayPal to process. And the answer is most of us are now doomed.:pensive::pensive: Not to mention the time spent working hard on contests and hoping for a win.

I think SH ought to find another way to penalise the violators. Account suspension, monetary fines, etc and once this happens, I believe the violations will cease instantly. Creatives should also endeavor to help SH by reporting via the BB such obvious instances like when a name given as an example by a CH is submitted to that same contest, etc


@grant, is there any other means to quickly update the winning entries? Perhaps after 2 to 3 hours the winner has been selected? With that, people will be able to report such violating winning entries. Since even now, only the tier A creatives can see unregistered name on squad help winners page, such trend should still continue but only with the tweak of showcasing it within 3 hours it has been awarded


It seems as if SH is doing everything to shift as much liability as possible on creatives. This new 7 day rule is going to reduce the quality of submissions since most proven creatives (I am not saying veteran, there are newcomers that are proven already) would never break policy, and they grab huge percentage of wins so they are going to be affected the most, thus demotivated. As @Soni mentioned, for me now it will be 7 days SH, 7 days PayPal. I am sure that if we put our minds together we can find a better solution. For some time now it feels to me as if it’s the contest holders, not creatives, that need to be better informed.

Edit: This just came to mind - in most cases CH does not select a winner until the last possible moment, that is 30 days (sometimes more). Reduce that time to 3 weeks.


@AvramChe, I also borrow your ideas, in some cases, contest holder did not get a winning name in the contest, although both creatives and SH are trying to reduce it, but at times, it’s all proved abortive. Hence, in order not to abandon the contest after many notifications from SH, some end up choosing random winner I guess. But my question is, is this policy also affecting split contest?