Payment Request

With regards to the requirement of Form W-9 - is it possible for us to scan and email to SH instead of faxing? (

@Scop, emailing a scanned copy is certainly allowed.

Could it ever be possible to have our winnings deposited directly into Paypal or the payment system we’re using? It would really streamline the payment process. Thanks!


@auntshommy, we will add this request for consideration. There are few reasons why we don’t do this automatically - but we understand your point about streamlining this further and we will look for ways to improve the process.

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That would be awesome! Thank you so much, Dan! Your feedback and communication is unprecedented! :sunny:

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Yes, @auntshommy- @Dan is really going above & beyond all expectations- it was worth waiting for this wonderful forum! And as to the payout-- I know the steps involving the bank from paypal, etc… can seem to take forever sometimes :slight_smile:

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I would like to suggest that Squadhelp to put this into their payment request notification to all the users too. For my case, I was naive enough to think that Squadhelp really need a faxed copy, does people still have fax machine at home nowadays? Thank you.

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I went to a UPS store to fax mine, but scanning is certainly easier and cheaper if you don’t own a fax machine!