Payment plans- great improvements but IMO still very confusing for potential buyers

The changes to the payment plans that were implemented today are great, however I think the path a potential buyer is taken on has been and still is confusing. Let’s take an example. The domain

A potential buyer gets to the page and sees the price $19,995 and an option to pay with a payment plan- $834X24 months. Let’s say the payment plan option is something that they might be interested in, so they choose the option $834X24 months and move on to the next screen where they see these options:

6 months X $3333
12 months X $1467 with a down payment of $4000 (Make First Payment- $5467)
24 months X $767 with a down payment of $4000 (Make First Payment- $4767)

If I’m that potential buyer, I’m now totally confused. I was told that I could pay $834 X 24 months. So I’m presuming I could make 24 payments over two years. Suddenly that option isn’t available anymore. What I get instead is different figures that add up to a much more expensive sum, including an expensive down payment that was suddenly introduced, without an explanation about the total sum I’m supposed to pay. Is it $22,408? ($4000 + 24X$767)? Or $23,175 ($4767 + 24 X $767)? Or maybe the $4000 down payment includes some of the 24 installments already? So at this point I have no idea what I’m supposed to pay and either way, the option of paying 24 X $834 (the promise that caused me to explore a payment plan in the first place) doesn’t exist.

@grant I think you guys really need to look at the payment plan process from a potential buyer’s perspective and make sure that it’s consistent and clear from beginning to end- what are the options and what’s the total buyers are supposed to pay if they choose a certain payment plan with an exact breakdown of what that sum consists of.

Thanks for the consideration.


Thanks for the feedback. We have few UX changes and A/B tests underway to improve the buyer purchase flow. Users may see few variations of the pages over the next few days and we will standardize to a new format after the initial testing is complete.


Great. Thanks for looking into it! :+1:

@grant I looked at BioB now. Overall, I think the path is much clearer now from a buyer’s perspective. The version I’m getting shows the following on the landing page:

Pay in Installments $767 x 24 months

  • Initial Down payment: $4,000
  • Monthly Payments: $767 (24 months)
  • Begin Using Domain Immediately
  • Cancel Anytime

I think it may still be confusing that the installment option’s title on the landing page says “$767 X 24 months” when that calculation doesn’t include the down payment, because it would seem to a buyer at first that the options are either $19,995 with a BIN or a $767X24 payment plan. Only after choosing the installment option, the breakdown that explains about the down payment appears. I think it might be better to include the down payment (if there is one) in the title so it’s clear what the offer is from the moment the person lands on the page, in this case- “$4000 + $767 X 24 months” and then below it the explanation as it is now.

Thanks again for testing this out. I think clarity for potential buyers is super important so at no point in the process they see something seemingly offered and then they discover there’s a “catch” because that could create distrust and concern about more surprises down the road.

p.s. By the way, something I mentioned to a blue button rep- the word ‘Setup’ in the installments page should be ‘Set up’ as it’s a verb. You guys might want to fix that.