Payment, not "Bonus"


OK, not Kitchen Flare. It’s registered and evaluated for $30. You can have a thesis, but I’m a domainer and I’m telling you the way things are in the industry. It’s not what I think they are. It’s what they are.


I just got a bonus for a name proposal in a naming contest. I’m French and I probably do not master all the subtleties of the American language, but we can not call “a bonus”, a name that will be used by the customer and whose domain name has already been bought, even before the final announcement of the winner. This is not a bonus, at home, it looks like a payment. If two or three proposals are selected, why one would be a winner and the other a bonus, while both will be used and deposited !!! This bonus, which I call a “discount” payment, is a winner in the same way as the winner will be announced. The bonus word devalues the work. In addition, the customer buys one hundred dollars instead of three hundred dollars through the famous “bonus”. While this name could have found takers on another contest and be adjusted to its fair value.


Interesting…an opt out for a bonus could work…?,b/c once we receive a bonus we cannot use that name to my understanding.