Payment, not "Bonus"


I would like to suggest that SH change some language for Contests Holders. I could be wrong and I’m sure I will be corrected, but I believe that when a CH wants to use more than one name, it is called a “bonus” to the constants whose names are used and that it may be in the language the CH has. I am not talking about what the contestant knows it to be if we get it. I’m talking about how it is portrayed to the CH.

IMHO, it is not a “bonus” to pay a Contestant for a name that belongs to the Contestant and could be used in another contest with a much higher value. It’s a “payment” to the contestant to buy the use of that name and the URL. And all things considered, how do we know that they won’t use it as their primary name afterward at ditch the name that they chose as the winner. In other words, “bonus” URLs are not a bonus. They are products with the same value.

Thanks for reading.


Great point…I’ve often wondered why someone else’s idea can be used at a lesser value than the winning name/domain. How is one worth more than the other? I personally feel any intellectual property used by a CH should be paid the same amount as the winner!

Don’t know why I care so much…it’s not like I’ll ever experience what a bonus feels like anyway :frowning: (sorry feeling discouraged today…as usual)


I am discouraged right now as well, Chasity. One that is bothering me a lot is a CH who registered my name. I won’t get into the details but it definitely is the CH who registered it and I have yet to receive PAYMENT, not “bonus.”

But even if SH cannot (and probably won’t) compensate at the same amount, at minimum the CH needs to know that any name they register is not a “bonus” in our eyes. It is payment for intellectual property owned by us that has value in other contests. When they take it from us, it actually costs us money.


@Commulinks, A while ago, in certain scenarios, SH has ‘split’ the prize money. I’m not sure if your situation falls under the criteria, but definitely worth asking @Dan about.


Thanks Laura. In my case, the only “split” that happened was a CH who “split” with my name and another contestant’s name as well. They paid for one extra one but registered 3 extras. The contest was already awarded to one person. On the day it closed, the CH registered 3 extra names from the contest. SH is working on it for me.

But my real issue is trying to “fix” problems like these. If the CH sees that they can give a “bonus” as opposed to the fact that payment is “due” on anything they register, it gives them an impression that they can take it and then not bestow a “bonus” (which feels more like a “gift” than a payment due in full), Semantics, I know, but we are all about words around here!


Makes sense to me. Bonus is when the creative is given something extra for doing a good job.


I understand you and agree. This problem has been more of a bane to us and SH than the orange mad faces! It use to be, once your name was registered w/o your knowledge (is that ok to say that @Dan ?), that was it. Some progress has been made in the rewarding of a bonus (and it’s bigger amount than what it use to be)…BUT, ( imho Dan), If, a registered domain is traced back to a CH, then SH should charge that CH the full prize money . (Maybe this topic should be moved to “Senior’s Lounge”). I hope I didn’t step out of line here with SH rules and policy.


You’re right, SH has worked on this a lot. I would love to get full compensation, too. At the moment, I am only suggesting a change in wording in order to TRY to help prevent it. I try not to just complain, but to try to offer a solution.


I agree. I just received my first bonus and I’m very thankful to have been compensated a little bit, but it was my go to name that usually had a lot of likes/loves but just hadn’t won yet. I feel like that guy got too good of a deal! ( but I am still thankful he played by the rules )


Thank you for the feedback @Commulinks. We agree with the change in terminology and will work on updating it. It may not happen immediately because it requires a comprehensive change in several places, but we are in agreement that the terminology should be changed and we will work on it.

Regarding the changes in actual amount, this is something we will take into consideration. We have to weigh it against some practical issues (i.e. will this end up causing more “private registrations” because the compensation requirement is too high). However, it is good feedback, and we will keep this in mind as we revise our policies.


You rock @Dan. Maybe we can set up another conversation to discuss the compensation issue. Maybe some contestants have ideas on this because I agree with what you are saying…we don’t want to end up incentivising people to go do it because of cost. There has to be a sweetspot somewhere. And Dan, SH is the BEST platform I have participated in because you listen so well. It is more than greatly appreciated.

So, can we set up another discussion about compensation for these? Maybe there’s a way to give an incentive to the CH for doing that? I don’t know…have to think about it.


@AmandaWhite Wonderful example of why this is a problem.
I would be :angry::rage::triumph:



Great idea about the terminology, @Commulinks. @Chasity2ku SH allows submission of registered domains as long as you offer to transfer them for free. So register whatever you want and then offer it. Just be aware that you might be losing money and then in a year you’ll have to decide if you want to pay more money for renewal.

Regarding the marketplace, I’ll just say that as I mentioned before- a version of it existed in the past and it was pretty much a ghost town. It may be different now with the amount of traffic, but with a marketplace you’re creating competition between the marketplace and the contests within SH. If SH wants to try it despite this issue, the renewal problem and other issues, then they should try it. But either way, the existence or non-existence of a marketplace doesn’t prevent you from buying domains.


I’ve thought about purchasing myself, but it just seems like I’d be getting into something I don’t fully understand. If it were an option right here on SH where I already feel comfortable, I’d probably be more apt to utilize such an option.


There’s nothing easier than registering domains. You can use Godaddy or one of the other big ones. You can decide whether to auto renew or not and either way they send you reminders regarding renewals etc. Could SH have one account and register domains for a lot of people and handle all the account transfers etc? I don’t think that’s very realistic. With a few domains- maybe. But how will they handle hundreds of domains that belong to different users, each one with a different renewal date? They’d probably have to clone Dan just to handle this matter alone. :slight_smile:


Lol Dan prob wouldn’t mind that :wink:


Thank you so much for outlining this recommendation. I am wondering, how does this work when you submit the name? Can the system be overridden to sub a name that is not available and then you tell the CH that you own it in comments? I know how to transfer a domain but how do you work that out with the CH if your name wins? I never have any direct contact with them so I was wondering about that.


@moretal, SH can do all that and some from a position of becoming a registrar themselves - the fact which economically is more feasible with a higher volume of domains in circulation. The cost of annual ICANN fees and a nominal charge for a domain name registration as a registrar can be covered from the advertising income earned on names that would be ‘parked’ while pending winner selection or brand marketplace sales.To assure healthy monetization, the names registered internally will have to be a medley of submissions with roots that match the most searched items and artistic/creative names SH built its reputation on.


@Commulinks CherryPopNames and I discussed it with Dan a few days ago. You can just offer your domain, add something at the end so the system will accept it and then explain in the comment that you own the domain and will be happy to transfer it for free (or possibly for a fee, only if the CH mentioned that they might be interested in buying premium domains). So you can add something like SEECOMMENT or something shorter if there’s a character limit set by the CH.


@Vision I don’t think SH wants to be a registrar on top of everything else. But maybe. If they clone enough Dans anything is possible.