Payment award threshold

Hi folks,
Is it just me or has the semi-norm become $100 for a contest?. think a worrying high percentage of recent contests are the minimal ward. It is fairly difficult at times to keep on track to provide a “great name” and since there is only one winner (except SH deferred) it takes quite a bit of motivation and time to keep creating.
I have thought about giving up recently due to the effort required, together with low awards being disconcerting. I (with respect) recommend that SH increase the minimum to $150.
I also find that a lot of the minimum ward contests have a detailed and difficult brief presented to creatives.This should be conveyed also to CH’s that, if their brief is complicated they should review their award amount.
Just my opinion! Thanks.


I was noticing that today Hawkeye. I asked SH to increase the minimum to $150 as well, just a little while ago. But here is what I suggest to you personally. Go back and review your wins. Look to see how many were in the $100 category before you decide to quit. Think about how much it all adds up. But I do agree wholeheartedly that there should be some kind of “limit” on what the CHs can ask for in $100 award contests.

What I do on these is spend much less time on them and if they are doing things like “must have less than 8 letters” or lots of things that constrain creativity, I move on.


Thanks Commulinks. Very good advice.
Soon after I posted there was a fair few higher award contests coming through, so if it was Facebook I would have deleted post. Definitely need to rationalise my creating efforts.Still agree that $100 contests with <8 and/or complicated not particularly worth the effort. Maybe SH can look at the issue. To be fair they have been very proactive with creative suggestions, so cannot really complain at all.
Thanks again!


Yes! All of a sudden we had lots more of the higher ones! SH has really done a lot and it seems like we keep getting busier, too. Have a great day!

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Thank you @Hawkeye for the suggestion, we appreciate your dedication to contests and feedback. I will bring your suggestions to the team! We understand your concern for contest prize amounts and will give that some thought. We believe it is very important for our Creatives to feel rewarded and our Contest Holders to feel equally satisfied with our platform for the cost we offer. We will continue to work with CHs to explain how Squadhelp operates to ensure successful contests!


Re Hawkeye’s remark: a lot of the minimum ward contests have a detailed and difficult brief presented to creative, my experience has been otherwise. Many late nights have I lamented, for my sake and CH’s, the too-brief briefs provided the creative. Our performances would be greatly improved, I think, were CHs to realize the greatly improved product they would receive if they would give us 300 words to chew on, rather that the 30 proferred, over which we must snarl and bark. In any event, it’s a pleasure to engage in each and every contest. Thank you, SH.


@BillHampton11 Fair point Bill… I suppose it works both ways.

I agree with you hawkeye, even a minimum of 100 words would give us a better description to what the CH wants in a name.