Payment Approved but NO Payment


Hi everyone… I’m kind of new around here and encountered an issue today regarding an approved/transferred payment. I received an “approved payment” email but the payment was not processed. I contacted support around 10 hrs ago but have not received any update on this issue. I was wondering whether anyone else experienced receiving a payment notification from SquadHelp but the payment itself was not received in your PayPal account? There isn’t any urgency on my part to have the cash but the lack of communication on the issue prompted me to reach out to the community as this may be a known bug or something. Thank you!


I was like that. Then just write through the blue button and wait, wait. Be sure to get your money.


This has happened to me, too. Once I reported it Squadhelp corrected the issue quickly.


Use the blue button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen to let them know your payment did not transfer. The team responds very quickly and will help you.


Hi @purrname and welcome

Is the amount less than $25? SH has a policy that they don’t transfer funds unless it meets their threshold of $25 (or is it $20). I wish they would change that.


Thanks to everyone for chiming in… it really helps to know that I’m not the only one who has experienced this. I really appreciate your replies. Thank you @Awintura, @ALDaisy1 and @ChristyMay

I can confirm that there was an issue with the payment and it will be resolved within the next 24 hrs. Thanks to Mae and Deni for your assistance and courtesy.


Hi LauraE… thanks for the welcome message!

Yes, it is over $25. The issue was on SH’s side and I have been assured it will be resolved within the next 24 hrs. The funds were added back to my account and I had to request a payout again. Thanks for your reply… appreciate your input!