Pass contests products

I would like to know if anyone else has felt this way. This was a few years ago, don’t even remember which site. But the client was wanting a name for some type of cooper people ingested and I researched it would change skin color and bad for u. Wish I could remember more. Anyway today on SH. A name is needed for … can’t think of product now. but u put it in ur hot h2o heater. Suppose to help different ways. I Google it and saw mostly all bad reviews. I know we don’t have to enter the ones we are uncomfortable with. And I don’t enter those , I just keep it to myself. But I need a win badly right now that I would name anything! ! anything! I also know if it’s a bad product it doesn’t effect us any. Thanks for letting me share and ease up on those awesome names my fellow Creatives. I need a refresher course. Just kidding yall are great .when I look at the entry that won, I say dammit that is so simple.i feel like I try to hard.SH it would help so much if I could enter more.thx