Ownership Transfer of Domains to Squadhelp

Why does Squadhelp have a policy of not accepting ownership transfers of domains that are less than 15 days away from expiring? You’ll have to renew the domain in any case so I don’t see a problem. Either you allow ownership transfers, either you don’t. This policy just makes it harder for sellers to get rid of domains they don’t wanna renew and that might have failed to sell in the wholesale marketplace. The only option left for the seller at that point would be to give Squadhelp the 7 day notice to have the domains removed from Squadhelp and dropped (or liquidated elsewhere). Then again, Squadhelp could offer to buy domains from its sellers for a certain percentage (similar to BB’S model) or for a one-size-fits-all price close to registration cost, whether the domains are expired or not.

Cc @SquadhelpAdmin @grant