Overall Rank Change

I’m a little confused today. I just signed in to the site and saw that my “Overall Rank based on CH Ratings” had dropped significantly. If I remember correctly, it was about 10-12 pts higher just yesterday (or maybe the day before). Of course I have a lot of “no thank yous”, but the last 2/3 weeks I’ve been getting more of the higher ratings than I’d been getting for a while. So how did my “Overall Rank” drop so much in just a day or two? Am I missing something?


same here @Dianna@RachelSH are we missing something? mine dropped 7 to 8 points lower

Whayasay - I hate to hear that your rank dropped too, but at least I now know it’s not just me.

Hi Dianna,
Mine dropped a bit, too, when my score stays pretty much the same all the time normally. I have tried to figure this out for a long time but I just don’t think I have a handle on it. I remember once I was having a fantastic run and my score did not go up at all but then a bunch of orange faces and my score went down. I think that it is a relative score…relative to how others are being rated (almost like a bell curve). But I don’t know how often the scores are updated because it seems like it does happen all of a sudden. @SquadhelpGrant is here now instead of @RachelSH so maybe he can tell us.

I do think that I probably deserved my new score. I’ve had a rough run in the last few days. But it never seems to go up when I have a really good run either.

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PS Dianna, I could be wrong about the relativity of our scores to others. It could simply be an overall rating of our own scores. I don’t know. I never have understood it really.

I think the question to ask @SquadhelpGrant is: How often are our scores updated? Is it by the minute, daily, monthly or weekly? Because that might account for sudden drops and increases.

Thanks, Commulinks. I certainly don’t understand how it works. I just know that the last few weeks I’ve had better ratings than I’d had for a month or so before that, and my rank dropped. Maybe @SquadhelpGrant will be able to help us understand it better.

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Here is SH’s explanation of overall ranking. I was sort of right that it is relative. But it doesn’t say how often it is updated.

Thank you, Commulinks. I guess if I’ve been getting better ratings but my rank went down, there are a bunch of other creatives out there kicking some major booty. :smile:

It is so true, Dianna! I’m having the same problem! Stop being so creative everyone else! LOL.


Dianna, I had the exact same message, and messaged SH about it. It made me very concerned that with well over 100,000 points and frequent trending, that message would have appeared. But I have to understand that in spite of that, I haven’t won much either lately. My submission number has gone back to the way it was before. I hope yours has, too.


Hi auntshommy! I’d been able to submit 15 entries for quite a while … until today, when it suddenly dropped to 5 entries. But my ranking has increased (by a few points) twice today, and I can now submit 10 entries. The fact that my ranking increased twice today is funny, since I’ve gotten nothing but “no thank yous” all day. I think this ranking issue has thrown off my mojo. :smile:


I also dropped about 13 points all of a sudden yesterday… SH said they were using a new logorithm or something like that? Hmmm…They said it would be resolved by the next evening which is now. I came up about 5 points but am still down about 7 points-- very disappointing. There doesn’t seem to be an explanation of where this ranking system really comes from. It seems kind of arbitrary… pretty disappointed after climbing steadily the last 2 weeks. It seems really impossible to improve your ratings even if you are doing well and getting tons of smiley faces.

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I just noticed that a lot of it is due to “adjustment of points due to rating change”. @SquadhelpGrant…what happened to the rule that ratings will not count against you if they lower their rating. The highest rating is supposed to stay…but I see a lot where it is saying “adjustment of points due to rating change” and getting negative points. This is not supposed to happen.


jackieheraty - I also don’t think that should happen. Especially since some CH’s might like or even love an entry, but then mark all entries except the one they choose with “no thank yous” at the end of the contest.


mine also went up by 5 points recently still missimg my remaining 3 points tho.

Hi All, we are currently updating our quality-score algorithm, and this might be effecting some of your scores. As we move forward, scores will be updated nightly.

“The overall objective of the point system is to improve the quality of entries being submitted and to reward our high-performing contestants with additional benefits” (http://helpdesk.squadhelp.com/frequently-asked-questions-creatives/what-are-squadhelp-points).

And, of course, the algorithm update aims to allow us to better reach this community-strengthening goal.

If you experience unexpected day-to-day variations in your score, please know that scores will stabilize soon. We will continue to monitor this algorithm and make further updates as needed.

Thanks you for your feedback @Dianna @WHAYASAY @Commulinks @auntshommy

@cabotco Thank you for your thoughts, and I understand your frustration. I do assure you that the system is not arbitrary, and please be patient over the next several days as we keep working to make the point system even better :slight_smile:


@jackieheraty @Dianna

The rating downgrades do not have any impact on ranking. We always take the highest rating into account when calculating your stats. So if you receive a Like It rating first and later that entry is downgraded to No Thank you, we will consider the Like it rating while calculating your percentile score.

The “adjustment of points due to rating change” message is displayed when a CH changes your rating in a positive direction–for example, Like It to Love It. In this case, we remove the points your received from your Like It rating and add the points from your Love It rating. This, of course, is good for you, as you end up with more points.

If you notice a particular instance where your stats are not following these rules, please report it via the chat function on squadhelp.com.


I had that happen in a contest, almost all were love its. When winner was chosen all mine got knocked down to ntys.I have learned not to enter very many names. When you get those kind of hits from high to zero it really hits your overall ratings.Tbh,it’s very discouraging and imo unfair for our hard work.

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Yeah, that’s the part that I really don’t understand - Why do Clients downgrade the ratings, once they’ve chosen their winner?

Especially when they go from the higher-ratings to the lowest! :confused: