Outside Temperature Christmas

Oklahoma 75 degrees December 25th 2032

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Lol 2032? @BlueElsa

Arizona high of 66 on December 26th.

New York City high of 52 on December 25th…thats warm for us…we are usually in the 30’s or 40’s this time of year.
@BlueElsa 75 is springtime here.
@littodino what was the low? I love how you can bake in the day sun and freeze your arse off at night in the desert. But I gotta admit, I thought you’d be warmer than @BlueElsa in Oklahoma. For sure I figured she be nice and cold with possibly a white Christmas lol

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Was 73 here in Tennessee on Christmas day,warm and overcast @ 70ish today…Predicted to get snow this coming Sunday…We’ll see​:thinking::slight_smile:

Colorado: You don’t even want to know. Got tons of snow. If you ski, it’s great.

Yeah, I don’t ski.


Lol clinks… my mother hates the beach and hot weather yet she moved to Florida.
But Colorado does have some great skiing

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See-Saw weather for you Mary.

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I LOVE hot weather but I lived in Florida for 10 years and could not wait to leave.

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Yes we got the horses saddled up and went riding yesterday.We got a nice big Bay we wanted to try out.He did awesome:) He’s the newest member on the farm.

Faces intentionally plotted:)b/ c I don’t think we’re allowed to add pictures other than ourselves…?


Hahahaha yes the nights are the worst. It’s like the silent bone chill cold. The lows have been in the 40s for the most part. Next week we get mid 30s.

what a handsome horse! I so miss living on a ranch and the free feeling of being on horseback!

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Not much different here. Its 40 today…looking at some freezing rain lol