Outcome of contests


Is there really no notification regarding the outcome of contests? Only if you win I suppose?


Yep! Only if you win!


There is a winner board that shows the outcomes. You can also put contests you are in the running for on a watchlist.


We used to be able to opt in to receive a message notifying us of the winning name and the creative who submitted it. They don’t do this anymore, but you can use the watchlist and check them against the winner board.


It’s just guessing though, because it doesn’t specify what contest was won for any given winner listed.


If you click here it takes you to the contest.
Excuse the yellow tint I have a blue light filter on my computer :sweat_smile:


You can go to ‘My Contests’, and when the list of the contests you’ve entered comes up, click on the ‘Closed’ tab. Click on the particular contest you’re interested in, and it will show the winning name and who won it on the new screen that comes up.