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Edit: Noooo, of course they can’t :grinning: No, no, no. Just no… :no_mouth:


If you have a particular client in mind, I would context administration through the blue button.
As a newbie, you should be made aware of the posting rules. Suggesting a client might be stealing is against the rules and can have you blocked from entering contests. Any allegations of misuse should go straight to administration.
Please note that all contests holders can see these message boards.

But to answer you, yes it is possible.
If you don’t own the name you submitted, then you don’t actually own the name and anyone can register it.


This scenario is regrettably not uncommon. It came as quite a shock to me when I first started on SH. As other posters have mentioned, we have to be careful about being too specific in pointing the finger of suspicion… There is a process (of sorts) within SH for reporting domain entries that are registered out from under us.

You have to go to the Entries page on that contest, and go through the Domain Registration report process. If I am being cynical, I would say that this report process gives more the illusion of protection of creatives rights, rather than having any real teeth. SH basically won’t even look at this report if the domain is registered under Privacy (no surprise… most of these registrations are done that way). I still input these reports, as it is useful for me (and others) to see how many domains have been reported in a contest. Some contests rack up multiple Domain Registration reports, and I can then decide to further participate or not (usually not).

To my particular annoyance, SH won’t look at a report if the domain was registered 30 days or more ago. Since many (many) contests drag on for month after month, sometimes the contest is still Active long after this 30 day mark. If SH is serious about protecting creative rights, the absolute least they could do is extend this 30 day limit for contests that are still Active or Pending.


Hello Canswift,
I’m trying to edit my original post but there is no editing option and I’m working with the SH team to resolve this. Your insights are really helpful. I haven’t realized that the Domain Registration report is for checking this. I was actually this was about suggested domains that were wrongly labelled by the system as available but they were actually not.

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