Orange Exclamation Point?

Does anyone know what the Orange exclamation point is? On some of my entries, the domain doesn’t show available, no report domain button available, yet it has this orange circle with an exclamation point that says…“we are unable to check availability at this time. Please check back later.”

But it only shows on one or two entries in the same contest where my others entries domains show as available

I get that a lot but everytime I check godaddy etc it’s available. I’ve also noticed that sometimes if you tap “check domain availability” it will turn back to a green check mark.

But as to why it’s appearing while it’s available is a mystery to me as well :slightly_smiling_face:

@Chasity2ku This was new to me and of course its only showing on love/like entries. I thought mabe it was a pending registration thing. lol

Ideally, the Squadhelp platform confirms the availability of all the URLs that you enter with your name suggestions, before allowing you to submit them to the contest. However, sometimes we are unable to verify the availability of a domain. In these cases, we allow the submission of the URL, and mark it with the orange exclamation point. In these situations, we recommend that you varify the URL manually using a site like and submit an entry comment letting the CH know that you’ve verified the URL and it is available. Alternatively, if the URL is not available, it is best to remove the entry.

Oh yikes! I did not know that! So glad you clarified this! I thought something completely different!

@Grant Why would they show without the orange exclamation for days and then all of a sudden its orange. After I verified on Godaddy and others that it is an available domain, why does it stay orange and how long will it stay orange. I’ve never had this happen before.

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@LisaMac - We test thousands of names each day with several different registrars. Most of the time the orange exclamation happens when we reach our search limit with a specific registrar. This will typically resolve in a few days.

There are a handful of activities that will trigger a new domain availability inquiry. Most commonly this is activated by the CH or Creative. When this is triggered a name marked as available can become unknown.