Option to buy our SH registered domains


Can we have an option to buy our domains that are registered by SquadHelp?


That’s a great suggestion @Deepblue. At this point, I personally am not in a position to do much buying but I would like that option in the future. I’m sure many creatives would find that option useful right now though. SH should consider this, it could be beneficial to everyone.


I think i heard this from SH, but they were asking for $50, which just so high, and many creatives disagreed. We may hear update soon.


I agree that $50 is too much! especially when considering that all domains owned by SH are hand reg domains with acquisition cost of no more than $10.


Domain price = base price + renewal costs

Base price for example: $20
Renewal costs for example: $10 per year.

So domain price in 1st year will be $20, then in 2nd year will be $30… and so on.