Open question to anyone

I just noticed on branding/ indenity contest page, there’s a red check mark that says handover. What does it mean? Thanks just curious.

I’m pretty sure your seeing a glitch. Handover is probably used by SH Administration. Either for contract agreement or payment. But I would double check with either @Grant or @Darpan

I thought it meant you must be prepared to hand over/transfer the design/layers immediately upon winning, but that’s just my guess.

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@Marye5, When a winner is selected for logo contest, the contest moves to a “Handover phase”. As mentioned by @Chasity2ku, during this phase the contest winner is notified and asked to upload all deliverables for the winning design. This includes all the high resolution logo files, as well as Adobe Illustrator source files. Once the CH receives and approves the deliverables, the handover is complete and the contest is formally closed.

Thanks you guys for explaining. I was just curious, it was the first time I noticed that. I thought for a moment it could be a glitch. …my tablet isn’t the most reliable at times :smiley:…Thanks a bunch!

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