Only letting me submit 1 name


I have a rank of 95% and it is only letting me submit 1 name per contest.


Try logging out of SH. And then re-logging in. If that doesn’t help, then blue button the issue.


Thanks for the help it worked.


I have been experiencing this same issue for over three weeks. I had a 99% rank. I’ve repeatedly blue buttoned this issue and no resolution has been made yet. I can only enter one name at a time unless that sole name gets a high rating, then I can enter additional names. If my one entry is not rated or gets a low rating I can only delete it and enter one name again. Logging out and logging back in does not make a difference. Any other suggestions? I’m losing ground in my rank.


I never got a resolution by blue buttoning it either. My issue began Nov. 4th. However, trying logging out and back in again worked the second time around. I did have to use my laptop though. Doing it from my phone or tablet did not work. I would suggest trying again from a computer. Hope this helps.