Once again...hate the naming and tagline combo contests

You guys really need to stop these combo contests. Or make them consecutive once they pick a name, then start tagline after. It’s far too hard to come up with a tag for every name.


Agreed.It not only adds more stress, but as we’ve pointed out before…it makes it possible for them to like a name and not the tagline or vice versa. With the new ratings, you might have a good name or tagline, but not so much for the other, and get your score tanked.


Plus we don’t know what they are rating…the tag or the name.


Good point… unless they comment on every entry (not likely) we won’t know which part they are rating, name/tagline/both, making the ratings useless for the contestants.


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein

It’s a good effort, but I think this has missed the mark and gone beyond it’s target intent.

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I agree with all that was said above.

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Many contest holders want to finalize both a name and a tagline at the same time, and we recognize that the current mechanism is not very optimal. We are working on few changes to streamline this, as shared in previous discussion on this topic. We will announce once these changes are implemented.