On the Leaderboard - What does it mean


On the Leaderboard - What does the green (up facing) arrows and red (down facing) arrows mean?

Also what does the number in parenthesis mean?
For example Kelkat is in 1st place so it says “1st / (4th)” what does the 4th mean?

Just wondering. THX!

I can’t answer for SH, but my interpretation was that my current ranking for October was down from my previous ranking in August. I also thought that the number pertained to the number of places on the leaderboard one moved up or down. Now: as of this morning I have 2 wins that fell on days in October. I’m glad to be on the Leaderboard in any case, but I’m wondering if more contestants win today, will the new wins be figured into this Leaderboard?

@auntshommy Way to go!

Just realized I had 1 win on Sept 1st that was not factored in the September Leaderboard.

@Dan Can you tell us about the new changes, and clarify if wins ‘might’ have been left out that fall on the first and last days of the month?

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We should have the final leaderboard updated by tomorrow. It should take into account all wins, including 1st and last day of the month.

The green (up facing) arrows mean that the position has improved from previous month’s leaderboard and the number in parenthesis show the ranking in that previous month. Currently it is showing October/ vs August - but by tomorrow it will get updated to October vs September.