On the issue of statistics



You can see the statistics…
I don’t think that this domain or similar domains submitted only 22 times should be BANNED from the site for 5 days.


November, it could be that another creative was using that name before you put it in the marketplace. The system picks up ALL entries… so that is a glitch that SH may need to fix.


This is a screenshot of my last 4 entries. The domain is submitted 22 times for the last 30 days, but the screenshot shows that there are Contest holders that like the domain name and my latest entries, but the system decided to BAN it for 5 days :smile:


How many contests did you participate in that amount of time?


22 times for 30 days.


I meant, how many contests over all did you participate in within those 30 days? 200? 300? Never mind, I see on your profile that you participated in 122 contests in April and 108 so far in May. So let’s say since the names overlap months, that in the 30 period you participated in 100 contests. In 22 contents you subbed this name. That is 22% of contests where you subbed the same name. This is why SH instituted this policy. That is an excessive amount of times to sub one marketplace name. Try being more conservative with it.


Yes… but if the name receives 100% ‘I love it’ ratings for 30 days… it will be BANNED too, because it’s submitted 22 times for 30 days… I can’t understand these rules…


You don’t have to worry about that happening, from your own statistics, which shows that you are not getting 100% love its. Trust me (I have been here a long time now and I have hundreds of marketplace names and thousands of unreg names), that will never happen. Nobody gets 100% love it ratings on any one name, marketplace or not. And if you want to win contests, you need to have a variety of names both marketplace and new, unreg names, to win. And marketplace names have an additional barrier. If a CH loves and shortlists many names in a contest, they will more likely choose an unreg name because marketplace names cost them more.

PS: Squadhelp made this rule because people were flooding CHs with marketplace names that didn’t even apply to their contest, in their opinion. So the customer comes first. I do not like the rule myself, but I have yet to get a name banned.


How in the world do you have hundreds of marketplace name?


I have been here for over 3 years. When the marketplace stared 2 years ago, I started right away.