On the issue of statistics


Yesterday I could not submit one of my personal domains in the contest. I received a message ‘ It looks like this domain has been submitted over 194 times to contests but it is not receiving enough likes. Unfortunately you can not submit this name to contests at this point’. I thought that if the domain belongs to me, then I can sell it as much as I want. CH’s rejected my domain often only because many of them were not initially set up to buy domains. Statistics is a science whose results can be used for completely opposite purposes. Yes, I suggested this name 194 times. But I did it for 2 years! The first time it happened in the competition №12798. Now there is a competition 21759. We consider (21759-12798) / 194 = 46.19. It turns out that I offered my domain once for 46 contests (if you subtract the contests for the logo, it will be less). But the essence does not change. It turns out that if I work for several years here, it means that I cannot submit domains that I like. By the way, during this time I received 4 likes in contests and 7 likes on the domain market, and my domain is searchable. Now, with the introduction of a new coefficient of visibility for Basic Plus plus listing of domains, such chance will not be for other domains belonging to creatives. It is very strange and disappointing that I can submit a premium domain 200 times in a contest, but I cannot do the same for an own BPL domain that is not a premium. Squaldhelp did a lot for creatives and is constantly improving. But the SH should not forget about their loyal soldiers and make their lives better, and not limit them to statistics. I believe that restrictions on the offer of personal domains should be removed, since they do not reflect reliable statistics, which should depend not only on the number, but also on the ratio of offers to the total number of contests. Thank you for the right to be heard.


Had similar situation. To be honest, with my modest portfolio, these new limitations are hitting me hard, I can only imagine what it’s like for veterans with hundreds of domains. At this point I almost feel like getting rid of all my premium domains and “rebooting” as a newbie… Seeing a domain that was loved and liked, is premium and has quite a few shortlists, being banned from contests, really makes no sense to me.


It is strange that for domains acquired by SH, this restriction does not apply. I believe that if such a policy exists, it should apply to all domains. Or the SH should abandon this policy in general, because our main thing is to please the client and give him a worthy business name.


Thanks for your feedback. Please note that these restrictions do not block the entry from submission forever - you just have to wait a reasonable amount of time before submitting the entries to more contests. We will make the messaging more clear to avoid any confusion.

On a broader note, we have received this feedback from many CHs that they are receiving several submissions of creative owned domains that are not relevant to their contest. In many cases the CHs have abandoned their contest due to this issue.

While we allow submissions of your premium, Basic or Basic plus names to contests, frequent submissions of the same name to several contests over a short amount of time will lead to additional restrictions and wait before the same name can be submitted again. As long as the name is only submitted to relevant contests with a reasonable frequency, or it has gathered a reasonable ratio of likes, there should not be any restrictions on the name.

This rule applies to all registered domains equally (SH registered, creative owned, Basic, or Basic plus listings).


I see that Grant already explained - all my domains are SH owned, so yes, it does apply to SH owned domains.


Thanks for the explanation! I was really scared that the ban on a specific domain was introduced forever: 0) But the SH already has a restriction not to submit a domain, if the contest where it takes part is not closed. Why additional restrictions? And as with the visibility of the BPL domain on the market, we do not know when it will be possible to use the long-suffering domain again.


Grant, I checked, unfortunately at the moment is considered the total number of times for all time, and not for the last period of time. Today I was forbidden to submit the name E***y…com, but I submitted it only 12 times in April-May and earned 2 likes (good procent!). I believe that there are really great experts in SH team that solve this problem! I hope we will have less restrictions and more creative freedoms! Thanks for your work.


Can we at least get some stats / requirements for blocking and unblocking the name? Also, if for example I am forbidden from submitting a domain, are other creatives also forbidden even if they haven’t used it before?


Guys from SH, I really love and respect you, but really? Please look at screenshots and tell me if this checks out… Note the dates.


I’d really like to know the required ratio of likes/submissions.


No wonder, my friend! This is the name that I submitted to contests for several years until you registered it: 0)
But being mine, it also got lots of likes! I consider the problem unsolved, the system still considers the total number of entries


Sorry to hear that :slight_smile: (not really, I got bunch of my ideas snatched :smiley: :smiley: ) I hope this issue will be at least explained, if not resolved. So far, this is the most damaging change on SH since I am here, I think it’s 3 or 4 years now.


I believe that any restrictions harm creativity. Naming is an art. Its not nice to measure with a scale. The same name can be submitted several times a day, and then forgotten for weeks. It all depends on the subject of the competition. And how can you limit the universal names with the roots Avant, Avrio, Fifth? They will be relevant in any industry, as long as they have a fashion. I hope the SH team will make the right decision and remove the restrictions.


One more situation I encountered. CH shortlisted some of my premium domains, and I wanted to offer one similar to those, and I am unable to do it since I hit the limit with premium name submissions. Don’t want to remove shortlisted names, right? If premiums get shortlisted, shouldn’t we be able to sub more of them?


I like this idea. It is in the spirit of SH policy. If the CH likes a premium domain, the creative should have the right to submit more premiums. It makes sense.


Thanks for your feedback. Our goal is to find ways to minimize contest abandonment, while allowing creatives to submit relevant entries to the contest. We believe the current limits and wait time are reasonable, and should not prevent you from submitting relevant names to the contests. However we will certainly monitor this and make further changes if needed.


Grant - I have been using SH since October and absolutely “loved” it and have referred several creatives and contest holders to your site. I’ve won some contests and sold some domain names and it’s been a great experience…

… until the “not enough likes” messages started to appear.

Right now, as a creative, it has gotten excessively difficult to submit my names to the contests.

  1. I submitted a new domain to my account the other day and submitted it to ONE contest. A few hours later I tried to submit it to a second contest and got the message “Getting the message “It looks like this domain has been submitted over 57 times to contests but it is not receiving enough likes. You would need to wait 5 days (5 days from your last submission date) before you can submit it to another contest.””

I only submitted it to ONE contests and there wasn’t a rating posted by the CH yet. But, your message says it was submitted 57 times???

  1. Once I’m told a domain can’t be submitted for a period of time, now I have to remember which contest I wanted to submit it to and manually keep track of that. It’s EXTREMELY difficult to remember this so I usually forget and never end up entering the contest.

I am spending a LOT LESS time on SH because of the difficulty of submitting names. I understand that CH might get frustrated that they are not seeing the perfect names but they aren’t really paying all that much for a service that gets hundreds of people to submit possible names to them and only ONE winner (if there’s a winner at all (too with many split-winner and non-guaranteed contests).

I get what you’re trying to do but I think you need to consider the creative’s experience, as well as, the contest holder’s.

Does the creative’s “Percentile Rank” play into the algorithm at all? It seems creatives with a higher ranking should be given some leeway in submitting their names.

I can see limiting “available names” or “basic listing” names but I don’t see why premium names are being held to the same requirements. SH has already approved those names so they should less restrictions on those names.

I think SH is great but I think you guys are overstepping on these restrictions and I hope you can consider some changes to help the creatives…


Thank you for the feedback. We have made some updates to our algorithm and it will now only consider the last 30 days of submission history for the name. If the name is submitted too many times within the last 30 days, you would need to wait few days to submit it again.

We believe these restrictions are important to avoid pitching the same name over and over to multiple contests within a short period of time.


I highly disagree with this new limitation. We are already limited to certain number of premium submissions (and as I mentioned before, even if our premiums are “loved” and shortlisted we can’t submit more before we withdraw them, this makes no sense and should be changed). Number of entries limit + premium subs limit should be enough to prevent “flooding” the CH. You can also implement additional restrictions if creative is getting low ratings in a contest, but only if CH is giving reasonable ratings and not disliking every entry (similar to how our score is calculated)
I respect the effort you are putting in improving this platform daily and I am sure that SH is doing what’s best for both CHs and creatives, so I am convinced this last limitation will be removed when it shows no effect on number of abandoned contests (that’s the goal if I understood correctly?). I am also certain it will show negative effect on number of premium sales.
In the meantime, we should be familiar with the submission/like ratio requirements so we can adjust to them. This way we only get “you have to wait xxx days…” and it is quite frustrating, to be honest.


This started as an edit of previous message, but gotten too long :slight_smile:

Here’s an idea - I just checked one entry stats, seems that system is not counting number of submissions correctly (says 19, it’s 15), and out of 15 contests it was rated only 8 times. It did get 6 “No Thank You” BUT in 3 out of those 6 contests CH’s gave 90+% of “no thank you” ratings. How about not counting unrated entries? Or, as a compromise, when we withdraw entry from the contest, recalculate number of submissions. If we feel that entry is “worthy”, we will do the footwork and delete it from previous contests. It would take time and effort on our side.

Sorry if I am too persistent, but I really don’t understand this limitation. I don’t see who benefits from it, and there are different ways to prevent over-subbing that are already implemented.


My best domains were ‘banned’ because these new restrictions.
’It looks that your domain has been submitted over 32 times’

I think these are my best domains, because they received very good feedback and many ‘love it’ and 'like it ratings.
Now I can submit my worst domains, waiting 5 days the system to remove the ban… ROFL :slight_smile: