On the home page links not working

I use a iPhone and the links on the bottom of the home page don’t work. I.e. From - SH About - up to the Privacy Policy. All the featured content works but not the other links, is this how it is or is there a problem with using your phone. I have used safari chrome and opera all the same problem.
These are the links not working-

@Demiurge, Let’s do some trouble shooting… Are you logged in (to either squadhelp and/or forum) while trying to access these links ?

@vision both at the moment
Give me a minute I try the options
Just going to log out

@Vision so I logged out of both cleared all cookies then tried SH without logging in, result was the same. Then I logged in and still no change

@Demiurge, Have you been able to access the links before or is it your first try ?

@Vision ive tried a few times but never be able to click on.
The links for the featured categories do work though that’s why I’m :thinking:

@vision the reason that I wanted to use the links is because I cannot read terms and conditions, maybe you’d be kind enough to send me a link then maybe @dan SH could look into it as it seems like a glitch to me.

@Demiurge Possible solution: Use update to get most recent versions of the supporting software (Java, etc). In the meantime, since you have been released from a quarantine, you’ll be able to get the links as per request:





@vision yes nice to be cleared of disease, stupid iPhone and Java, yet I have an iOS update I can do that, cheers for the linkages, get some kip :sleeping:
Wow the word it blacks out is 5tupid strange can’t even slag off iPhone on here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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@Demiurge, One more tip: php software (or its equivalent) to clear the passages

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I use and iPhone 5 and connect use the links to access “my contests” for some reason either. But SH was not able to help me, as none of their suggestions worked (clear cache, change browsers).

There’s an invisible pane obstructing over some of the links.

@AmandaWhite yes I’ve tried 3 different browsers to no avail, I can live with clicking on links, think it’s maybe an Apple issue and not SH, but maybe @dan it could be looked into again, would be more convenient to enter them through the home page after all that’s why they are there. CH maybe have the same problem if they use iPhone to check also.

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@front pane or pain?

@Demiurge. Pane lol. HTML element that’s invisible to the eye, or completely transparent.

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@Demiurge, we are looking into this issue.

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@front thanks I got that bit , just my sense of humour or lack of :slight_smile:

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@dan thanks , not so much an issue for me but for CH, I guess , yet strange how the ‘featured categories’ do work. I sense some head scratching at SH on this one.

@front I’m sure it’s hiding in the html like you say superdan to the rescue.

@Dan @system looks like you guys had a nice game of hide and seek in the source code and found the moth. Checked today and all is well @AmandaWhite you should check yours. Thanks very much from me and behalf of everyone it inconvenienced. Good Job !