Ok SH, you want us all hooked up here!


Since morning my submit button is talking to me!
It has started telling me a lot of things - How many times I used the name, fun facts et al

I am amused! I do grin every time it tells me something.
SH, are you trying to come up with best interface!?! Love the AI you are bringing in. Do not know what is the purpose/idea behind it but it is gaming at its best!:star_struck:

Thought the way Sh front-end and back-end (interface guys) is continuously evolving deserves kudos & :clap:
Ok SH, you got me hooked!


Yes! I have not heard it talk (perhaps my speakers are not on LOL) BUT I have seen the Fun Facts - like “this name was submitted by another creative in another contest”. Very cool. Kudos to SH for continually raising the bar!