Oh, what is your mind?

I sumbit multiple contests with the name “nevadia” I think this is a pretty good name for a company or a technology startup companies and yay … just a minutes i submit in another contest was already no longer available (com).

This is the time to all my ideas are taken and registered by CH were not responsible. I feel sincere, what may make, but how would you feel? a little upset, so I’m sorry about this.

here the proof https://who.is/whois/nevadia.com

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Sorry @Faidzinn11, send the info along with the contest link to support and they can check it for you.

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@Faidzinn11, the who is information seems to be public, so it should be easy to check it against the CH information. Please share this detail, along with the contest where you submitted the entry to, so we can investigate. You can report this by clicking on “Report Domain” feature.

Could you check these two for me please. They are in the Domain and brand for an online luxury accesories business contest
These were available when I submitted and now they are not.
LaPosha.com and Sanzia.com

@LorinRyle , please send them to support along with Who is details by using the report domain feature so they can be investigated.

Ok, I’ve never done that, let me try and figure that out

Where is the link to report it? And it’s a bit confusing. I believe they were bought last year, but the contest asks for available only.

@LorinRyle, on every contest page when you click on Check Availability next to your name - if the name is not available, you should see a link to report it.

However, the Report Domain feature should only be used to report those names that were registered after you had submitted them.

I have submitted a report related to the name, but I do not want innocent, there may be several contests in the domain reporting comments.

if allowed to know, do I get a report via email after SH Investigate ?
if unsuccessful investigate, the best way is forget it keep going. thanks @Dan

La Posha and Sanzia were registered long ago according to Whois check at icann.org. No foul play there, probably some glitch by Squadhelp availability checker at that time.